What I’m Loving Wednesday

It’s Wednesday! Yay! Another day closer to the weekend. I haven’t felt 100% this week. My allergies have been kicking my butt. I take Benadryl so I can sleep, but I don’t get enough sleep, so then I feel miserable the next morning.

Anyways. Onto the stuff I’m loving this week….

This wallpaper. I. DIE. I am DEFINITELY buying a few rolls of this for our next house. I’m not going to lie… this isn’t cheap. It’s priced at $140 for a 27″ x 30′ roll. So, I’m obviously not going to do a whole room in it. but for an accent wall… heck yeah! If you don’t love blue as much as I do, they also have the same pattern in gray. And the best part?

100% of profits from this design will be donated to Copper’s Dream Animal Rescue in San Francisco and Midwest Animal Rescue in Minneapolis to help dogs find the loving homes they all deserve.

Bake. Create. Love. | Dog WallpaperDo y’all know that the pineapple is considered a symbol of hospitality in several southern cities, including Williamsburg? When we first moved to Virginia, pineapples were EVERYWHERE. I finally asked about them, and a lady in one of the shops at Colonial Williamsburg told me that the pineapple was a symbol of hospitality. I saw this darling pineapple ring on Kate’s blog & pinned it immediately! Bake. Create. Love. | Pineapple Ring My friend Lindsay is a Noonday rep, and shared this necklace on her Facebook page the other day. I was instantly in love with the firelight necklace. My wardrobe is pretty muted, especially in the fall, and I would love to use this necklace to add some color to my outfits. Bake. Create. Love. | NoondayG & I are in the process of updating our luggage. Well, I’m in the process of updating our luggage. For his birthday, I bought him a huge new suitcase, so his ratty old one can be used exclusively for deployments, and I sold all of my old Vera Bradley luggage. Which means I’m now left with a Swiss Army wheeled carry on bag, and a hot pink Nike duffel bag. I’d like to add to it a large suitcase for myself, and the Belmont Cabin Bag for weekend getaways. I love everything about this bag… You can choose your pattern & color, you can choose to have the leather square embossed with your initials. I love the leather trim and the functionality of both the handles, and the shoulder strap. Bake. Create. Love. | Belmont Cabin BagThe Ginger Zinger cookies from Tate’s Bakeshop have been added to the list of snacks that I’m not allowed to bring into the apartment. I already have very little self control when it comes to boring snacks, like animal crackers & Oreos. And these delicious, crispy, chewy, gingery cookies? Forget it. I’m embarrassed to tell you how quickly I killed the bag of these I picked up at Fresh Market…GPCky7oz6pkGFGZ_1

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