Deployment Diaries #… who knows, anymore.

Is this deployment seriously not over yet? Ugh.

We’ve been in the double digits for a while, and by Friday that first digit will have dropped again, and our percentage of time remaining will move into the 20% range. Yay!

Anyways. Labor Day will be here soon, and that’s pretty much the end of summer (thank God!), so I thought it was time to revisit my deployment bucket list, and see how I’ve been doing.

  1. Change up my hair. DONE, and DONE. I went blonde very early in the deployment, but a couple of weeks ago I had Tabby chop off about four inches and take it even blonder. I’m ready for it to grow out a liiiiiittttttle bit more, but I love the color!


2. Successfully complete a Whole30. DONE. Although, apparently I’ve lost my mind, because I’m considering doing another one. My eating habits have been horrible lately, and I’ve consumed more alcohol in the past month than I have in the rest of my 32 years COMBINED. I really feel like I need to reset my system. I’m still thinking about it, but I’m not going to take the plunge until I’ve committed to it 100%.

3. Lose 30 lbs. Um…

4. Continue to be social. YES. Hands down, this has been the most social summer of my life! Friday night, Sarah & I hosted a going away party for Shana & Elliott. All of our Radius friends came, and we had a really fun night. Too much fun (Courtney made amazing Jell-O shots…). Hence considering another Whole30 on Saturday morning….

2015-08-21 18.45.49-1

Cosmopolitan Jell-O Shots

2015-08-21 18.46.12-1

Butterbeer Jello-O Shots

2015-08-22 14.21.11

5.Purge my closet. Yep. I have a bunch of stuff I’m trying to get rid of, so if anyone wants to buy capris or chinos in a size 8 or 10, let me know!

2015-08-25 11.20.42

6. Cultivate my interests. Well, this is half done. My photography class is now finished, but I’ve been unable to find a sewing class. Everything I’m finding is very specific. I don’t need to learn to make my own clothes, or make a dress. I just need to learn the basics of using the damned thing. I did really enjoy my photography class though, and I’m enjoying continuing to learn my camera, and saving for another camera. Hopefully by the time I’ve saved up enough for a new camera (the one I have is fine, I just want a full frame one), I’ll have learned enough to feel like the cost is worth it.

7. Read the Complete Works of Jane Austen, and one book a week. Eh. Last time, I changed this to “Read the Complete Works of Jane Austen, and one book a month. I’ve read 7 books this summer (well… most have been audio books…) but last week I finally gave up on Jane Austen, and gave the book to a friend. I just can’t. The books I have made it through have been very enjoyable. My friend Heather recommended Liane Moriarty’s books to me. I’ve read two (Big, Little Lies & The Husband’s Secret), and both have been very enjoyable. I’ve also read The Royal We (basically Kate Middleton fanfiction, and I loved every second of it), and the Book of Speculation, which was a little weird, but also enjoyable. Next on the list is A Window Opens, by Elizabeth Egan, and What Alice Forgot, by Liane Moriarty.

summer reading

8. Purge the magazines I’ve been hoarding. DONE. And recycled them by giving them to a friend’s son, who wants to be a chef someday.

9. Save money/pay off debt. Well, we still have two months left of this deployment, but YES. Thanks to the increase in G’s pay, & finally getting our tax returns, we’ve actually paid off a substantial amount of credit card debt since Graham has been gone. By the time he gets home, we will have paid off over $10,000 in credit card debt! Just in time for the student loans I’ve been putting off for 6 years to finally start getting repaid…

I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve accomplished this summer. Well, except for the weight loss… But I’m so ready for G to get home, so we can get on with our lives. We’re buying a house when he gets back, and I’m SO ready for that. Our apartment complex was sold last month, and none of us who live here are really happy with the change. ESPECIALLY the change in rent… Before, we had the option of signing a 6 month, 12 month, 18 month lease, or going month to month. NOW, if we sign anything less than a 12 month, the price skyrockets. A friend’s lease us up for renewal. They currently pay around $1400. If they were to sign a 6 month, or go month to month, it would be about $2300. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. This is Newport News, Virginia. Not DC or Boston! So yeah. We’re DEFINITELY moving! We’ve been looking at houses all summer, and there are two that I’m completely in love with. Fingers crossed that they’re still around when we’re ready to buy.

So, that’s been my summer. And I’m so ready for fall I can’t stand it.

5 thoughts on “Deployment Diaries #… who knows, anymore.

  1. Suz says:

    Girl I am so proud of you! You have been SO SOCIAL while he was gone. I’m sure you are definitely ready for him to be back though so you don’t have to hang out with anyone anymore right?? Just kidding. You’re stuck with all of us now! I too enjoyed our photo class. And would also LOVE a basic learn-to-sew class so if you find one, I’m down! I have a sewing machine but don’t know how to use it! Oh and those Jello Shots look almost gourmet!!

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