I’m never eating rice again. (Deployment Diaries #… It feels like 728.)

So this weekend was a busy one. For the most part it was a lot of fun, but it was also exhausting. My greatest accomplishment was finally moving two blankets from the washer to the dryer. I first washed them last Saturday… And the timing never worked out to move them to the dryer. It seemed I always remembered at around 11:00pm, and out of respect for my downstairs neighbors, I didn’t feel that was an appropriate time to turn on the dryer. So, I ended up washing them 5 times, before I finally got my act together yesterday.

Anyways. Saturday was a good day. Last month, Shana moved home to PA while her husband is in Florida for school. She’s not far from Gettysburg, so Saturday Sarah and I took a day trip up there for a quick visit. It was so good to see Shana, and we had such a good time. My calves are still sore from all of the climbing. 2015-09-26 15.04.58-12015-09-26 17.10.15-12015-09-26 17.37.40-12015-09-26 18.12.20-1If you ever have the chance to visit Gettysburg, you absolutely should. Even if you’re not a history buff. It is unbelievably beautiful there. Depending on traffic, it’s less than four hours from Newport News, and other than their lack of good restaurants (when it came time for dinner, I just wanted to be back in the city!), it’s a really nice day trip. I can’t wait to take Graham up there when he gets home. Hopefully the leaves will still be changing…

Sunday was a little sad. Our good friends have decided to take a break from Le Mu for a little while. I’m sadder about this than I probably should be. There is a serious lack of quality food in this area, and Sav’s food is some of the best there is, and I hate that Le Mu is no longer a weekly dining option.

So, Sunday was their last weekly dinner, so some friends and I went. I was there on the first night, and I had to be there on the last night. And the food was AMAZING. I had a red curry chicken pot pie, with puff pastry…
IMG_5594… and red bean and coconut bread pudding with ginger whipped cream and salted caramel.
IMG_5622However, this might make it easier to lose weight… I’ve been helping them with their social media, and every week before opening they had a family meeting, where we would all taste the food…

They will continue to pop up around the area though, at local food events. If you’re local, you should check them out at O’Connor Brewing on October 9th. Southern Grit, a local food magazine is featuring them in their October issue, and they will be serving food at the magazine launch party. It should be a fun night!


Sunday was also frustrating. I came home from running errands, and found that Hermione had eaten two pounds of dry, white rice. After the dry grits fiasco of a few weeks ago, I can imagine that she felt miserable. She probably felt worse that I locked her in the bathroom every time I left the apartment… Once I was home for good, I moved some pillows and blankets to the floor, so I could cuddle with her, before locking her up for the night. I absolutely HATE it when my sweet girl doesn’t feel good (even if it’s her own fault…)
2015-09-27 23.28.00-1Yesterday, between hourly bathroom breaks for Hermione, I decided I just couldn’t wait until October 1 to start decorating for fall. I went to Trader Joe’s to buy some maple walnut blondies to bring to my BFF in Charlotte this weekend (and a few packs for my freezer…) and I couldn’t resist the mini pumpkins ($0.69 each), the pumpkin pie spice cookie butter (holy eff!) or a jar of pumpkin butter (I hear it’s really good mixed with peanut butter and used as a dip for apples). 
2015-09-28 12.31.44-2

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