Deployment Diaries: He’s Home!

G is home!!!


Deployments in Arkansas were hard, but bearable. I had a house that needed plenty of work, insane pets, and the best work family that anyone could ever ask for. I felt at home in Arkansas. It took me a lot longer to feel that way about Virginia. Then, almost a year ago, things started to change. In September, we found out that G was deploying in April. Around the same time, we finally made our first friends here. And over the next 8 months, we met more & more amazing people, and our circle of friends grew. These friends helped keep me sane this summer. They kept me busy. Their dogs kept Hermione from driving me crazy. And while I currently hate the apartment complex we live in (long story…), I will be forever grateful that we lived here, because I’ve made lifelong friends as a result.

Arkansas was a 13 hour drive from Charlotte, so other than a visit from my mom during that first deployment, no one came to see me. This summer, with a more manageable drive, I had an apartment full of guests all summer long. My mom came twice (once with my mother-in-law & once with her neighbor & our friend Kelly), and my oldest friends in the world came for visits at well.

So, to my Virginia friends & my family in Charlotte (because lets face it… friends you’ve had for 15+ years are pretty much family), thank you. Thank you for keeping me busy, and keeping me sane. Thank you for dinners out, days by the pool, and way too many jello shots & glasses of wine. I would have survived this deployment alone (I am an introvert by nature), but this ended up being, hands down, the most social summer of my life.

2015-10-27 11.06.58Anyways, he’s home. I’m happy, and the animals are happy. I was honestly really worried about how Hermione would act, but she was happy to see him. It wasn’t youtube or Ellen worthy, but her reaction was sweet. He is her person. Both cats were happy. I knew Buddy would be, but Charlotte’s reaction was surprising. She was asleep in our bed when we got home, and when she saw him, she hopped up, made the cutest noise, and went to him for some head scratches. 10513314_10102198293189987_5235524415814347889_n2015-10-22 22.21.31He came home, and we instantly got back into our pre-deployment groove. Since he’s been home, we’ve gotten back to our nightly walks in Yorktown, had some good food, and spent time with friends. 2015-10-23 18.41.58-1 12065790_10102199072303637_5533259386251016325_n12122549_10208118349583293_6496532927258704916_nSo, another deployment is DONE (number 4, if you’re curious). He’s home, we’re all happy. Now it’s time to get on with our lives. We have a house to buy, and family & friends to visit with in Charlotte this weekend!

One thought on “Deployment Diaries: He’s Home!

  1. Suz says:

    YAY YAY YAY!!! I’m so glad you survived and had a great summer despite Graham being away. I am so glad we have met and hope to continue our friendship – despite the fact that I am “across the water” now! Let’s plan a double date or something sometime soon!

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