What I’m Loving Wednesday: The Halloween Edition

Back in Arkansas, the real estate company I worked for participated in Halloween on the Hill. It was a huge neighborhood trick or treating event, and was pretty much hell on earth. We gave out thousands of pieces of candy within the span of a few hours. Some of the kids were cute. They wore proper costumes, and had buckets or Halloween bags to collect the candy. Others were not. There was a ridiculous amount of teenagers, not in costume, with plastic grocery bags. Then there was the pregnant teenager who said (and I’ll never forget this. Ever.) “I’m trick-or-treating for the unborn.” WTF. Here is a very SMALL sampling of the candy we passed out. The conference room floor was always lined with bags as well. 866d4-1cf46584236c11e2a73522000a1faf50_7I’ve never been a big Halloween fan, and two years of that killed what little pleasure I did find in the holiday. But for some reason, this year my Halloween spirit is back! And here is some stuff I am LOVING.
7dbd9d3e0e3f548de97ecfbef72fa5b5These “pun-kins” are seriously the greatest things ever. I’m totally making these next year!

861be0e910e963852ab8e04dd7f84ae5Also from Studio DIY, this cereal bowl costume is pretty much the greatest thing ever. I kind of wish I had crazy Halloween plans, so I could make this. Maybe next year though.

7bcb017099519814f78910c5dfb03107This Nordic Ware Skull cakelet pan is seriously cool. It’s a little on the pricey side, and I absolutely do NOT need another specialty cake pan, but I absolutely love this. Hopefully it’ll go on sale November 1 😉

And if you’re in the Hampton Roads area, here is a pretty comprehensive list of fun things to do for Halloween. G and I will not be in town for any Halloween fun. Instead, we’ll be in Charlotte, and spending Halloween with friends… the friends in this photo to be exact.12105847_10102190266580377_1436623980407895322_nThis little gem was taken in 2000… I can’t believe it was 15 years ago. We’ll be spending Halloween at Heather’s house with her and her husband, and Randy, and his wife Melanie. I would gladly sacrifice a kidney to be this skinny, and this able to wear “pleather” pants again.

So, Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a fun & safe holiday!

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