Why can’t vacations last forever??

The day after Thanksgiving, we headed down to Florida for a MUCH needed post-deployment vacation!

The plan was to spend Friday-Monday in Orlando, and then Monday morning we would head to Miami to leave for our cruise. 2015-11-27 08.27.49-2Other than getting a nail in my tire while we were in BFE Georgia, it was an absolutely perfect vacation! 2015-11-27 13.39.58-1I’m a Disney fanatic, but on this trip, we weren’t going to make it to the Magic Kingdom. So, we stopped by Downtown Disney (although I’m pretty sure it’s called something else now) on our first night. I spent way too much on Disney souveneirs… including a pair of light up mouse ears for me, and a flashing light bulb necklace for Graham.2015-11-27 20.54.54-1 The next morning we got up early, and after a few mishaps (i.e. getting to the park and realizing our park tickets were still in my suitcase), we were FINALLY at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Nearly 4 years ago, we were there for our honeymoon, & this was our first trip back since the park was expanded.

Welcome to Diagon Alley!2015-11-28 11.09.32-1 2015-11-28 11.47.43 2015-11-28 13.05.37-1 They now sell interactive wands, which are pretty much the coolest things ever. Both parks have certain spots where you can do certain spells with your wands. I’m pleased to announce that I was able to channel my inner Hermione, and was able to lift a feather with the “wingardium leviosa” spell on the first try 😉2015-11-28 13.49.46-1 2015-11-28 17.54.05 2015-11-28 18.00.34It was a wonderful day… We ended with a beer for Graham, and a frozen butterbeer for me, 2015-11-28 18.17.39

Day Two: Welcome to Hogsmeade!

There were NO lines for rides this day. NONE. There was one ride that we waited TWO HOURS for when we were on our honeymoon. This day? We waited 15 minutes. We actually didn’t even wait, it just took nearly 15 minutes to actually get to the ride. 2015-11-29 10.06.24-2There is a sushi restaurant in Charlotte I love- the Cowfish. I was pretty excited to see there is one at Universal Studios. So, we stopped there for lunch. Sushi with a view of Hogwarts? I’m good with that!
2015-11-29 11.34.10Graham & I split a rainbow roll (pretty much the best rainbow roll ever), and each got a bento box (I subbed seaweed salad for the sweet potato fries). The bento boxes are an amazing value! $15 for all of this food. More food, and MUCH BETTER food than the burgers & fries inside the park… for the same price!2015-11-29 11.37.47 2015-11-29 11.44.08 After lunch, it was back to Diagon Alley, for more rides and pumpkin cakes. 2015-11-29 13.20.41 2015-11-29 14.03.11 We ended the day with three water rides back to back… We were drenched, and miserable. 2015-11-29 15.22.45-1We had an amazing time in Orlando, but we had an even better time on our cruise! More on that soon!

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