Why can’t vacations last forever (Part 2)?

Monday afternoon we finally made it to Miami, and thanks to my “preferred” status, we were through the lines CRAZY fast, and I instantly had a cocktail in my hand.2015-11-30 13.59.15-1Unfortunately for Graham, he had a few phone calls to make before we lost cell phone service, so relaxation had to wait for him. Closing on our house (eek! More on that later…) two days after we get home from vacation had the potential to be really stupid. Luckily everything worked out!2015-11-30 14.00.43We actually got off to a rocky start. Our departure from Miami was delayed twice, for on board medical emergencies. The first was no big deal, because we hadn’t even left the port yet. The second was more annoying, because we had been out to sea for a little while, and had to go back to Miami. But, the staff on board told us that it wouldn’t delay our arrival in Nassau, so we had a drink and started our vacation.
2015-11-30 17.25.28-1 2015-11-30 17.25.37-1I’ve cruised to Nassau three times now. The first time, I explored the city. I was promptly terrified and we went back to the ship after maybe two hours. The second time, and this time, we bought day passes to Atlantis and spent the day there instead. The resort is huge, and absolutely gorgeous. They have eight water slides, the best lazy river ever, an aquarium and so much more. My phone was locked up in a rented locker all day, so we didn’t take many photos, but it was an absolutely perfect day!2015-12-01 11.17.51 2015-12-01 11.48.19 2015-12-01 11.48.29 2015-12-01 15.40.28-1 2015-12-01 15.56.02 2015-12-01 15.59.23 Once back on board, I ordered a pineapple. Last cruise, it came with a specific cocktail in it. This cruise, they put whatever cocktail I wanted in it. So, I ended up with a very strong pineapple martini. In my pineapple. 2015-12-01 17.34.38Next day was Coco Cay. Again, very few photos. But another amazing day. We went snorkeling for over two hours. While snorkeling, G found a “gold coin”, and redeemed it for a prize. He won a kayak rental, so we ended up kayaking for about an hour. And now I want a kayak…2015-12-02 09.46.17 2015-12-02 17.22.49 2015-12-02 17.23.08The last day of our cruise was spent in Key West. It rained the whole damned time. But, we tried to make the best of it. We walked down to the southernmost point, wandered over to the coolest, creepiest cemetery I’ve ever seen, had a delicious lunch, and more key lime pie than necessary. Seriously. We should have shared one. 2015-12-03 10.46.17 2015-12-03 11.29.55-1 2015-12-03 12.39.10-1 2015-12-03 12.39.30 2015-12-03 13.44.53 2015-12-03 13.44.59 2015-12-03 13.45.16 2015-12-03 14.37.54-1 2015-12-03 17.27.43 2015-12-03 17.27.53It was an amazing trip, and we were both more than a little depressed to head home. I love having adventures, and seeing the world with this guy. He makes everything so much more fun.

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