2016: The year of health & home.

Well. It’s 2016. And this is going to be a big year!

First off, we bought a house the beginning of December. We put in an offer on our house on October 25, and it was accepted the next day.

2015-10-26 14.18.51-1

We were excited, but not going to lie… pretty freaked out as well. The real estate market in Virginia, well, sucks. Since we know this will not be forever home, we had to buy a house and consider the desires of a future buyer, or future tenants. That meant buying a house in a nice neighborhood, and a good school district. Which mean a hefty purchase price. (Our mortgage is still going to be cheaper than our rent though…)

It didn’t help that two weeks later we found out that G was going to Honduras. For a year. I felt rage. Pure, unadulterated rage. He had JUST gotten home! Everything about this was beyond unfair. We were pretty sure that we would be able to get out of the contract, but our frustration with our apartment (and wasting all of that money) was at an all time high, so we decided to go through with the sale.

We closed on our new house 2 days after returning from our cruise. The house is in great shape. But the style is very, very old-fashioned. There is wood paneling, wood trim all over the place, and SO. MUCH. WALLPAPER. So, not that the holidays are over, and we’re staying put for a while, we have our work cut out for us! Graham leaving later this year definitely wasn’t in our plans when we bought the house, and while it does change a few of our renovation plans, it is what it is. I feel like we’re making progress on the living room (the living room & bedroom are our first priorities), and I can’t wait to share some before and after photos soon.

We started 2016 with a Whole 30! It’s my second, and I was able to convince Graham to do it with me.

2015-12-31 15.27.13

It’s been easier this time. It helps having Graham doing it with me. The last time I did it, I was alone, since he was deployed. I hated cooking while he was gone. So I pretty much ate the same thing every single day, so I wouldn’t have to clean up the kitchen. This time it’s more fun. I’ve been cooking delicious dinners, and Graham cleans up the kitchen when I’m finished.

I made a pot of compliant chili on Monday night (beef, pork, celery, carrots, garlic and tomatoes. This was delicious. We’ve had this for dinner twice, and lunch twice this week, and the leftovers just get better and better.

2016-01-04 18.07.57-1 Lunches have either been leftover chili, or concoctions made with compliant deli meat from Whole Foods, and lots of vegetables. This salad I had yesterday was perfect. Spring mix with Tessemae’s zesty ranch dressing; topped with turkey, tomatoes, seedless cucumbers, 1/2 an avocado and plenty of kalamata olives. 2016-01-06 12.35.36-1 And dinners like this… swoon. Sirloin, seared in a cast iron skillet, and then moved to the oven for a few minutes, roasted potatoes, and sautéed asparagus. I am SO thankful that white potatoes are allowed in this program now. I would never be able to do this if they weren’t compliant. You’re supposed to eat them in moderation (I’ve got them 2x a week, max, on our meal plan), but I’m just so happy they’re allowed!

2016-01-05 18.30.31-1 (1)

I’m going to try to do a better job of journaling my experience this time. Last time I didn’t really at all, and I regret that. I’m on day four now, and I’m feeling it. I still have the hangover feeling that comes with day 2, and I’m just tired. Which is crazy, since I’ve been going to bed earlier. I would also sell my soul for a diet coke.

Getting healthy is HIGH on our to-do list for 2016. We want an active lifestyle (and Hermione REALLY wants us to have an active lifestyle), and we have to get serious about our health. We’re not getting any younger.

So, 2016. If we can stick with it, you’ll see lots of healthy recipes & hikes with Hermione in this space. And hopefully lots of before and after photos of our new house.

Happy 2016, Everyone!


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