Winter in the south is a pretty crazy thing. One day you have sunshine, blue skies, and temperatures so warm, you shed your lightweight jacket halfway through your 5 mile walk. 12573723_10102307629813517_693114248267247943_n12491843_10102309829475377_4422365416046277065_o 12605514_10102309829465397_3069662542215709847_o 12552574_10102307630387367_6522638135869648853_nSeriously, why is this dog not modeling for pet related companies?

Then, the next day it’s 30 degrees and snowing. And not just a few flurries, but HARD snowing. Luckily, the snow didn’t mess up my brunch plans with Sarah. Beyond brunch, I was so grateful for the time I had with friends this week (we met up with Sav & Elise for dinner on Thursday). Not only is everyone moving away from Radius, but now that it’s so cold, and getting dark at 4:30, our dog park time is now pretty much non-existent/  12508826_10102309018435707_6077773241604472087_nGraham was spending Sunday at a friends house, watching the Panthers-Seahawks game, so I was on my own for the day. I went to the house and took some pictures of the snow…
12593960_10102309827913507_5850377612943634922_o 12604836_10102309825737867_1032981339410588410_o

… and made a pot of beef stew. It had stopped snowing (and most of it had melted) by the time we had dinner, but it still felt like the perfect, comforting meal to have on a gross, cold day. 12400976_10102309794245977_9158246701844018001_n(and as you can tell from the bread, I’ve obviously fallen off the Whole30 wagon… Oops.) This beef stew was one of the best stews I’ve ever had. The meat braised for several hours, and just stirring the stew with a wooden spoon completely shredded the meat. SO. GOOD. I served this with some rosemary bread from Whole Foods, and this meal was such a winner.

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