What I’m Loving Wednesday: Living Room Built-ins

We have a pretty significant to-do list for our new house, including a complete kitchen renovation (complete, as in walls are coming down…). A lot of the things on the list are small, and can be done anytime. But the first thing on the list is revamping the living room.

The living room is the room we spend the most time in, and I wanted that room & our bedroom as close to finished as possible before we move in. Luckily, the bedroom was easy. New paint for the walls, and painting the brown trim a clean & crisp white. We still have to out up blinds, and change out the beige outlets and gold door hardware, but that’s easy.

The living room is going to take a bit more work.

I’m a sucker for built-ins. Project #3 on our house to-do list is a huge, built-in china cabinet for the dining room. Once we had officially bought the house, I stood in the empty room, took in the sad little fireplace and started thinking about how to bulk it up. And that turned to built-in bookcases. Then Graham got involved, and we started talking about tiling over that blah brick. And the rest is history.

I wanted to have this done before we moved in. Considering we’re moving in in less than two weeks, I don’t see it happening. Basically, nothing can be done until the tile is down & the wiring is moved (he wanted to add an outlet above the mantle, so we could plug in the TV and not have to see cords). He moved the wiring and patched the drywall this weekend, and we’re going to lay tile tonight, so hopefully the progress will start happening a little bit faster.

Okay. Enough rambling. Here are some fireplace/builtin combinations that I absolutely LOVE, and I can’t wait to share a finished photo of our space in a few weeks.

Where we started: 12191654_10102221202524497_5111437539747362151_nUgh. So. Much. Brown.

Where we currently are:10352568_10102309497330997_3884817000240601129_n

Where I want us to be:54b4956ceaf23f1a0e34a12a1f955e18source. 461d713616e71fb7b5df9732d0ad5b6bsource.
(sidenote: I am so disappointed that our TV is literally one inch too big to go to the side of the fireplace. I hate so much that we’re going to have to mount it above the fireplace. I had so many great ideas for that space.)


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