What a weekend!

What. A. Weekend.

It started off pretty insane, with snow on Friday morning. This is crazy for two reasons: 1) I had to work on Friday, which rarely happens; 2) it was 70 degrees a few days earlier.2016-02-05 08.44.06-1 Saturday, I went to a baby shower, and while I was gone, this happened! Graham has the built-ins built! He still has many, MANY steps to go before they’re complete, but having them built makes me happy! They’re HUGE though. Obviously, since they’re going almost up to the ceiling (I think they’re 2-3 inches shorter than the living room ceiling). When I saw them, I was stunned. I honestly was NOT expecting that.
2016-02-06 16.54.22 Also, my February Pop Sugar Must Have box arrived while I was at the shower. I won’t go into details about the contents yet, since a lot of people haven’t received it, but I was VERY, VERY happy with this box. I didn’t love the jewelry item, but pretty much everything else was amazing! 2016-02-06 17.02.16 Saturday night we headed to Norfolk for dinner and a show. The HRBT was traffic free, and the view was gorgeous. 2016-02-06 17.56.51-1 We had dinner at Todd Jurich’s Bistro, and it was pretty good. Definitely on the pricey side, but everything we had was delicious. 2016-02-06 18.44.11 This appetizer was good, but I don’t know if it was $13 good: tuna, crab, mango & seaweed salad. 2016-02-06 18.45.50 I had the filet, served with creamed spinach and polenta. While it was good, I don’t know if it was $39 good…2016-02-06 19.04.11 Our show was Cinderella! And it was wonderful. The actress playing Cinderella had a beautiful voice, and reminded me a lot of Anna Kendrick. I’m a big fan of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s version of Cinderella, and while it was familiar, it also had a few twists on it. I didn’t care for the political movement that was going on at the same time, but it was still an excellent production. It also had several new songs, which was fun, a sympathetic stepsister, also a nice change. 2016-02-06 22.23.52-3 On Sunday, the highlight of the day was getting the new Cat Genie installed. Supposedly, we’ll now never have to clean the litter box again… Getting them acclimated to it kind of sucks though. You’re supposed to keep their regular litter box out too, but not clean it. Supposedly when it gets dirty enough, they’ll start using the new one. So, not only will our laundry room smell God awful in a few days, our concern is that the cats will decide to go to the bathroom elsewhere….2016-02-07 14.23.30Also, I’m now on Snap Chat. Follow along at hnwest83 🙂

Annnnnnnd, Sunday night we went to a Super Bowl party… which was devastating. I don’t pull for the Panthers, but as a Charlotte native, I was excited for my city. Everyone is so divided by politics right now, it was nice to see EVERYONE united by something… Even if it was just a football team. That point when Panthers fans knew it was over was heartbreaking. The look on Graham’s face just made me want to cry.

Then came the drama (of course), when Cam Newton walked off stage during the press conference. I have a LOT to say about that, especially the way the NFL had things set up, but I’ll keep it short. He’s 26, and his dreams had just been crushed. Can you really blame the way he acted? I mean, I act like the world is ending when I lose a board game (the one time it’s happened :-p), so I can’t imagine the feeling of losing the Super Bowl. He’ll regret this as he matures, but people need to chill out. 2016-02-08 09.44.56People talk about how he’s a role model & needs to act like one. In my opinion, he did. We teach kids to walk away from conflicts, and he did. He walked off that stage before he said something he would regret. But more importantly, he showed good sportsmanship when he congratulated the winner. Again, not a football fan, but from what I’ve read, other athletes have stomped off the field without congratulating the winner after losing the Super Bowl. 2016-02-08 09.51.32And even more importantly, the way the city of Charlotte is still showing their love and support blows me away. My step-dad always said that he hated Panthers fans, because they were all bandwagon fans. But this? This is amazing. And even had me tearing up a bit. I love my city!

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