2006 vs. 2016

I saw this fun post from Christina in my reader this morning, and thought this would be fun to do while waiting for my caffeine to kick in (I’m still NOT a morning person… one thing that hasn’t changed over the past ten years).

I will say, that so far I have LOVED my 30’s. Best decade of my life, so far. And since I’m only 32, hopefully it’ll keep getting better & better!

Fast Food:

2006: Wendy’s. I ate a LOT of fast food in my 20’s in general, but my boyfriend and I both LOVED spicy chicken sandwiches. (Thankfully I didn’t take photos of my food back then…)

2016: Chipotle hands down. Give me steak burrito bowls all day every day.11127810_10101870017581937_6231699042840126031_n

Favorite Food:

2006: The smothered chicken from Texas Roadhouse. My (at the time) boyfriend and I had one date night a week, and it was almost ALWAYS at Texas Roadhouse, and the chicken was the only thing I ever ordered.

2016: Sushi. I could eat sushi (rainbow rolls in particular) every single day. I actually do eat it at least once a week. If I can’t convince anyone to go with me, I’ll just pick up a roll from the grocery store for lunch. (If you’re looking at grocery store sushi, I’ve found that Kroger’s is the best, followed by Whole Foods & then Harris Teeter. Stay far, far away from Trader Joe’s sushi.Blach.)22112_10101893847451687_8093890165969890633_n


2006: Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuits. I worked at a mall, and they opened early for mall employees. I took advantage of those early hours…

2016: Cereal. The whole “not a morning person” thing hasn’t changed. I have to be at work at 9:00, and I don’t get up till 8:00. I pretty much only have time for a quick bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats before I leave the house.


2006: My boyfriend & I were about to celebrate our 3rd anniversary with a cruise to the Bahamas.

2016: In April, Graham & I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary!11088351_10101902770574677_2581697207483996911_n

Age/Life Status:

2006: I was 22, working towards my BA in History, working at Hallmark, dating Tyler, and (according to my Live Journal) trying to lose weight.

2016: I’m 32, happily married, employed as an office administrator, fur mom to the three best fur children ever, recently bought a house, and I’m still trying to lose weight. 12342507_10102254654017437_1218288842830591918_n


2006: I worked at Hallmark part time, and had been there for three years (I would end up working there for 4 more).

2016: Office administrator. Not what I had planned to do with my life, but it’s a good job, with a good company, so I have nothing to complain about.


2006: I was actually car-less, and shared my moms. On 12/31/2005, someone hit me, and totaled my blue Honda Civic. image0001

2016: I’ve stopped drinking the Honda kool-aid, and now drive a purple Nissan Rogue. And I freaking LOVE IT. After my last Honda experience (a 2010 Civic), I will never buy a Honda again. I’ll also only drive SUVs from here on out. 2014-10-29-08-37-02

Coffee Shop of Choice:

2006: I didn’t drink coffee, but I usually got hot chocolate from Ritazza (the little cafe on campus).

2016: Still don’t drink coffee, but I sometimes drink green tea from Starbucks.


2006: Gap, Old Navy, Target, J. Crew

2016: Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Target.


2006: Blonde-ish (I colored it myself…), and shoulder length. I’m in the pink shirt 🙂 I actually used Mary Kate & Ashley shampoo (don’t laugh), that they sold at Wal-Mart…1927716_508383119357_3995_n

2016: I was blonde all summer, but I went back to brunette in January. It’s still shoulder length, and lightly layered. But now I pay someone to color it. And I use a higher quality shampoo. My favorite it Pureology, but lately I’ve been using Joico. 12507470_10102306958059717_2751014884554506623_n


2006: My mom.

2016: Still my mom. She’s had a really rough year, but she just keeps going.


2006: My favorite author was Sophie Kinsella… I read chick lit, and nothing but chick lit. This little gem was from a Live Journal post in 2006:

Speaking of cocktails, I was at Target the other day (I know, surprise, surprise) and they had a book called Cocktails for Three, by Madeleine Wickham, who also writes as SOPHIE KINSELLA. DUDE! Seriously? WTF? Sophie, excuse me, Madeleine, my favorite author, is actually someone else? I was shocked. And excited because, yay! new chick lit!”

Ugh. I was obnoxious.

2016: Chick lit now makes me gag. Seriously. This summer I wanted to see how much my tastes had changed, so I re-read a book I used to consider a favorite. It was terrible. I still like fiction, but I like it to be a little smarter. I’ve also gotten really into biographies and cookbooks lately. Although, with the exception of cookbooks, most of my “reading” is now done with Audible. 12705428_10102341561768607_3877751263734231660_n

So, this was fun. How different are you from the person you were 10 years ago?

5 thoughts on “2006 vs. 2016

  1. Christina Orso says:

    You are fast!! Yay! I did not realize you were 31…I thought you were in your late 20s! WIN! That’s funny about the Honda experience bc I actually thought if I got another car it would be a Rogue. I bet you love it. It appears that we could’ve gone shopping together in 2006 andddd today. 🙂

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