Weekend wrap up…

Weekends go by WAY too quickly! Especially when they’re full of fun & projects!

My high density foam pads arrived last week, so on Friday I FINALLY started reupholstering our vintage dining room chairs. I LOVE the fabric I picked out from Mary Jo’s back home. It’s so cheerful! (It’s also outdoor fabric, so hopefully it’ll be durable… My upholstering isn’t perfect, but so far the chairs look pretty good (I have three finished). I’m planning on doing an serious house update next week, so fingers crossed that these chairs, and the rest of the dining room, come together by then. As you could see in my margarita post from last night, the dining room is currently a hot mess. I spent about 7 hours painting trim yesterday. NOT FUN. The wood trim & crown molding took 2 coats of primer, and three coats of paint…2016-02-19 15.59.27Saturday, we went for a walk with Hermione, which was cut short when G got a call from someone who wanted to buy the vanity in our half bath. I was pretty pleased, that he paid exactly what we were asking, and now it’s gone. I’m less pleased that the floor is unfinished underneath. It’s not the worst thing ever, because we were already planning on replacing that ugly linoleum with a pretty gray tile, but who knows when we’ll get around to that. So, this bathroom will be a hot mess for a while.
2016-02-20 11.34.10-1As soon as the vanity was carried away, and on it’s way across the bridge, we headed to a friend’s house to get my car detailed. It desperately needed it. We had originally planned to keep my car an animal free zone. But, G’s broke down while he was deployed, so I ended up having to put Hermione in mine. It cost us $100, but they did an AMAZING job. It is immaculate inside (the only stains that remain are the stains on the floor mats that were there when I bought the car), and thanks to the hand wax, it’s SO shiny.
2016-02-21 14.48.24Almost as soon as we got home from picking up my car, my friend Sarah stopped by to pick me up for the Carrie Underwood concert!!! I have been a fan of her since DAY ONE. Seriously. When they showed her during the audition process, I said right then that I wanted her to win. I was thrilled that she did, I have every single one of her albums, and I adore her.

We stopped at Bar Louie for dinner & drinks before the concert…
2016-02-20 17.12.30-1…where the COOLEST thing happened. We were headed up to our nosebleed seats, and an older lady stopped us and asked if we wanted to trade tickets. They had floor “seats”, and her elderly mother wouldn’t be able to stand the whole time. We happily traded tickets, and headed to the floor!  We were SO close! I could see the definition in her legs from where we were standing (which made me want to go home and get on my treadmill).2016-02-20 22.31.12-1 2016-02-23 10.00.39We sang along to all the songs, people watched, and had a great time!

While I was at the concert, G had a relaxing night in. He finished my built-ins(!!!), had dinner, a few beers, and watched a movie he’s been wanting to watch (that I had no interest in seeing). My built-ins are gorgeous. He’s now got the first coat of primer on them, so they’re white-ish, and I can picture how amazing they’re going to look in our living room. Hopefully they’ll be in the living room when I do that house update next week 🙂2016-02-21 10.06.19-1

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