House Update: One month-ish in…

We’ve been in our new house a little over a month now. February 29th was the official one month mark. Ever since moving, the question I’ve been getting the most is “how’s the house coming?”.

Some rooms have seen a drastic change, and look better. Some rooms look a whole lot worse. And some rooms are exactly the same, except for the addition of our things (and I’m going to skip over those, since this post is long enough).

We’ll start with the rooms that have improved for the better. Like the living room.

Here was the room the first time we saw it.:
living room

And here we are today. The built-ins are in, they just need doors on the bottom (covering those bottom two shelves), and trim, crown molding, etc. The space behind the TV is the fireplace, and that’s what Graham is working on now. He just put up those studs, and is going to add a sheet of drywall to it. Then he’s going to build a new fireplace surround and mantle. The brick of the fireplace has been covered in tile. Other than that we’ve painted, added a new window treatment, and a new ceiling fan. 2016-03-11 04.59.542016-03-07 01.41.00 2016-03-11 04.59.38 2016-03-11 05.05.05 2016-03-11 05.05.41


Next is our bedroom. The room the first time we saw it:

master bedroom 2 Master bedroomThe room now. Other than the fact that we need to hang some stuff on the walls, this room is pretty close to finished. We need a new bed, thanks to Buddy, but that isn’t the rooms fault…

My favorite part of this space is my pink chair, and reading area.
2016-03-11 04.40.45The room has been painted, new window treatments, and a new ceiling fan has been added. 2016-03-11 04.42.572016-03-11 04.43.232016-03-11 04.45.05

The last room to see any improvement is the dining room. The previous owners used this house as a formal sitting room. We’re going to expand the kitchen into the dining room, so this space has become our dining room.

Dining roomNo major changes, just lots of paint for the walls and the brown trim. We still need to change out the outlets and outlet covers to bright white ones. We also still need window treatments, but I’m having trouble deciding on curtains.

My favorite part of this space is my bar cart. SO cheerful & fun! I was torn about whether to add a mirror over the bar cart, or a bold piece of art. I’m really glad I went with the art. I’m also really glad my fork and spoon finally have a home here. The china cabinet and dining room set are from a local vintage shop that I’m obsessed with. If you’re local, go check out Red Feathered Nest. The chairs needed some love, so I reupholstered them with some fun fabric I picked up from Mary Jo’s last time we were home. And I replaced the boring knobs on the china cabinet with these amazing ones from Anthropolgie2016-03-11 04.53.49 2016-03-11 04.54.48 2016-03-11 04.56.06 2016-03-11 04.56.21 2016-03-11 04.57.14I have decided to paint over the triangles though. I was unsure about them to begin with, but once my shelves were hung, and I started adding things to the shelves, I knew it would be way too busy. 2016-03-11 04.55.332016-03-11 04.57.54 2016-03-11 04.58.10

Now to the rooms that look worse. Like the guest room.

Spare roomRight now, it has the right furniture in the room, but it isn’t by any means usable. The bed is leaning against a wall (the walls and trim have yet to be painted), and the dresser is just covered in crap. And lets not forget the treadmill just hanging out. 2016-03-11 04.49.20 2016-03-11 04.49.32

The room above the garage:

ROG - Screen printing - craft roomUgh. This space is going to be a crafting space/G’s screen printing work room. Basically all of our crafting stuff has just been dumped up here, and his screen printing set up was cut into 3 pieces to get it up the stairs. 2016-03-11 04.50.59 2016-03-11 04.51.16

Before, this room was a little office.

Guest room 2Now, it is literally referred to as the junk room. But in all fairness, most of the crap in here needs to be sold. Our neighborhood has a community yard sale every spring. Hopefully we’ll get rid of a lot of it then. If it doesn’t sell, it’s going to Goodwill. junk room

The old dining room:

Dining room - future kitchen expansionThis room has actually become junk room part two. That wardrobe looking thing is actually a garage organizer we’re using as a pantry, since this house has zero cabinet space.old dining room

And, the last room that looks worse is the half bath.

half bathThis room is TINY, and the vanity was way too big for the space. So, we sold it. Once it was gone, we learned the floor underneath wasn’t finished. The flooring is old vinyl, and it was going to be replaced anyway when we did our kitchen remodel, so no big deal. But this room probably won’t look better until after the kitchen is finished (and we haven’t even started yet). 2016-03-11 05.01.19

Some things are just tiny little things, but they make me happy. Like curved shower curtain rods. These bathtubs are TINY, so the extra space from the curved rod makes a HUGE difference.

2016-03-11 04.48.08 And we installed a Cat Genie in the laundry room. This self cleaning litterbox is pretty much the most amazing thing in the history of the world!2016-03-11 05.02.12

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