Dogs, Massages, & Major Life Decisions.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Ours was absolutely wonderful! Here’s a photo heavy recap for you!

We had a house guest this weekend; Hermione’s pal Toki. She belongs to a Liz, friend of ours from the apartment complex. Liz and Toki took care of Hermione a couple of weeks ago while we were in upstate New York, so we were more than happy to return the favor and keep Toki for Liz. This sweet girl is all leg, and all tongue!2016-03-17 18.34.44 Friday, Graham got off work early, so we leashed the girls and took them to the Battlefield for a walk. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. 2016-03-18 14.31.44 2016-03-18 14.38.45 2016-03-18 15.07.48 After our walk, I got changed, and headed out for dinner & drinks with friends. Shana, another former Radius resident had come back from Pennsylvania for a visit, so a few of us went out for a belated birthday dinner for her. 2016-03-18 19.37.31-1 The next morning all most all of our little Radius family reunited for breakfast at First Watch. The food was delicious. This omelet was full of bacon, cheese, avocado and tomatoes, and was delicious. This was the first non-runny omelet I’ve had in ages, so yay!  2016-03-19 09.27.03-1 After breakfast, we took the dogs for another walk and then hurried to Williamsburg for our belated Valentines Day gift to each other: a couples massage at the Spa at Colonial Williamsburg. It was pricey, but AMAZING. The facility was beautiful and luxurious, and the massages were wonderful. We arrived a little late, so didn’t have time to enjoy any of the other amenities before our massages (steam room, whirlpool), but next time I definitely will take advantage of everything they have to offer. I’ve only ever had a classic massage, so I went with the massage sampler, so we could try various things. I’m now obsessed with hot rock massages. I’m hoping that the birthday fairy brings a gift certificate for another massage…2016-03-19 13.59.54 2016-03-19 14.10.40-1 2016-03-19 15.00.07-1 After our massages, we went to The Cheese Shop for lunch. I had roast beef with provolone, greens, and marinated tomatoes. Those tomatoes… omg. I buy them at Whole Foods for pizzas and pasta salads, but now I think I need to start including them on sandwiches. 2016-03-19 15.44.52-1 And since we were indulging ourselves, we stopped by Blackbird Bakery for dessert. Graham had the key lime tart, and I had the fruit tart.2016-03-19 16.04.39-1 We spent the rest of the night at home, and it was glorious. We watched the dogs play (well –  watched Toki play. Hermione was exhausted, and just wanted to sleep), ordered pizza from Marco’s, and watched the first Lord of the Rings movie. 2016-03-19 19.15.44-1 2016-03-19 19.39.01 No photos from Sunday, but it was eventful. Hermione ate half of Graham’s birthday cake, and once Liz picked up Toki we drove up to DC to look at kitchen cabinets. We spent a few hours driving, a few hours looking/talking/planning, and then as soon as we sat down for dinner before heading back home, we decided to hold off on renovating our kitchen. Shocking, I know, since our kitchen SUCKS. But this has been weighing on me for a while. Renovating our kitchen would require some type of financing (either a credit card or a loan), and I don’t want to accumulate any more debt right now. And to be honest, when he leaves for a year in Honduras, I’m probably not going to cook all that much. If it’s anything like the last deployment, I’ll live on grocery store sushi, cans of soup, and junior bacon cheeseburgers.

Of course, this could make things challenging when he gets back from Honduras. If he gets an assignment right back here in Virginia – awesome. We’ll do the kitchen when he gets home. If not, we’ll probably have to pay for someone else to do it, since we’ll be immediately going someplace else. If the freaking Air Force would just tell us where he is going, it would alleviate SO much stress.

Anyways. Monday was fun. Graham turned 32. I baked another cake, and Hermione ate one of the layers in the 1-2 minutes I stepped away. Out of time, I baked him the cake he wanted, but didn’t have a chance to jazz it up and make it pretty. It was delicious though, and what he wanted, so that’s all that matters. 2016-03-21 14.46.05-1

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