Weekend Love!

This weekend I learned that I’m too old to keep having weekends like this… 🙂

We started the weekend off with a cookout at our house on Friday night. Everyone brought something, which meant that Courtney wowed us again with her amazing Jello shots. 2016-03-25 19.14.10-1I also fulfilled my promise, and held my friend Kelly’s baby for the first time. She’s a very cute baby, and she’s pretty good. Although she did start to cry while I was holding her… Me & babies just do not mix! 2016-03-26 15.57.22

Saturday, we decided to go to First Watch for breakfast before we ever got out of bed. According to the No Wait app, the wait time was 30-45 minutes. We went ahead and put our names down, and by the time we arrived, we only had to wait 5 minutes. I love technology.

Later that day we took Hermione for a walk. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day in Yorktown. 2016-03-26 00.41.24And I thoroughly annoyed Graham by taking a 1.000 photos of him (and Hermione).
2016-03-26 00.15.24 2016-03-26 00.18.20 2016-03-26 00.20.41-2 At one point I told Hermione to sit by this brick wall. She sat with her back to me. I’m pretty sure she did that on purpose…2016-03-26 00.35.15 2016-03-26 00.35.34 After our walk, we stopped by Lowes and picked up some wood for my raised garden beds. One of the things that I’m the most excited about with this whole homeowner thing is having a small vegetable and herb garden. Hopefully Hermione doesn’t eat anything that we grow…2016-03-26 16.08.10Saturday evening I went out with some friends. We went to Rebounderz to jump on trampolines. Thanks to this adventure, I pulled something in my back, and spent all of Sunday on the couch in excruciating pain. I took some muscle relaxers from when G hurt his neck, and spent the day laying on the couch with my heating pad.

Since I was in pain, I told Graham our dinner options were him cooking, or ordering pizza. He was excited to cook, and made one of our Blue Apron meals. This Provençal chicken & potato stew with spicy garlic toasts was absolutely delicious!
2016-03-27 19.04.28 We then spent the rest of the weekend finishing the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We’ve also decided to let Hermione on the couch, so she and Graham spent most of the 3rd movie like this. I can’t even handle the cuteness. 2016-03-28 22.30.31 And stuff that happens on Tuesday doesn’t usually make it into my weekend wrap ups, but I’m too excited about this not to share! WE GET TO STAY IN VIRGINIA!!! When Graham goes to Honduras later this year, it’s not for a deployment. It’s a “permanent” change of station. Which means we could have gone to a different base when he gets back. We wanted to stay in Virginia SO badly. We like it here! I have a job, we have friends, we love that it’s close to home, close to the beach, close to the mountains, close to DC… Not to mention we just bought a house. On his list, he put that his first choice was to stay at Langley, and we’ve been ANXIOUSLY waiting to see what happens.

So, this morning I woke up to this text. It makes our decision to hold off on renovating the kitchen much less scary, and it means that we can do some of the other improvements we want to do, since we’ll have more time here. 2016-03-29 07.54.38-2


One thought on “Weekend Love!

  1. compassleigh says:

    Woohoo!! My dad worked at Langley for 38 years. My parents used to live in Yorktown until they moved back to the family property in Norfolk. Hermione looks a lot like my pup, Daisy. I am going to post soon and she will be featured 🙂

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