“How are the animals liking the new house?”

Other than being asked how the house is coming along, the other question I’m constantly asked these days is how the animals are liking the house. 2016-02-19 13.29.56 HDR-1

Short answer: they LOVE it.

We installed bird feeders they can see from the kitchen window, and the sliding doors, and they love to sit and bird/squirrel watch. Buddy makes the most adorable chirping noises, and Hermione loses her mind anytime she sees a squirrel.

2016-03-04 00.47.012016-03-19 22.28.12

In January 2012, Buddy got outside and was missing for three days. Worst three days of my life. So of course he wants out ALL the time, and we’re always on guard.

2016-03-23 17.01.15-1 2016-02-14 21.40.37(And how cute is this decal???)
2016-01-09 15.53.03 We were feeling generous one day, so we let him outside on a leash…2016-01-09 16.58.40-1 And then  another time, we gave him carefully monitored outside time without a leash… He tried to make friends with the dog next door. So cute. 2016-03-11 05.13.18 But, eventually he started shooting outside every time the door opened, so these little 5 minute windows of supervised outside time have come to an end. 2016-03-08 17.52.20-1

While Buddy loves the house, we haven’t seen a change in his personality since moving. He’s still incredibly sweet, and affectionate. He’s still insanely obnoxious in the mornings. He’s still Buddy.

We actually have seen a change in the other two. For instance, the last few months in the apartment, Hermione REFUSED to go to her bed. It was the weirdest thing. She loved this bed, but all of a sudden, she wouldn’t step foot in it. Now, she loves it again. And she absolutely LOVES having her own backyard. When we’re home, she’s constantly in and out. She chases squirrels, has puppy fits and runs laps around the azaleas, and just seems SO much happier. Unfortunately, she barks at our neighbors (including their cute kids) any time she sees them, so we’re working on that. If she starts to bark, she comes inside. Hopefully she’ll eventually understand the correlation, or she’ll just get used to them and stop barking.

2016-03-17 17.16.04-1 2016-03-11 05.14.06 2016-02-15 12.17.452016-02-08 15.35.36 HDR 2016-02-27 15.45.14-1

The change in Charlotte has been a pretty big one too. Charlotte is the opposite of Buddy in every way. She’s an introvert. She likes being left alone, and comes to us when she wants attention. Since moving, she’s been coming to us A LOT.

2016-02-08 17.17.27-1But, she also likes to be alone in places where we won’t come looking for her. I’m glad i found here in this spot, though. That solved the mystery of how my tank tops kept ending up on the floor. 2016-02-22 08.08.37Back in Arkansas, we let her out once. She hated it, and wanted back inside instantly. But the first time she went outside here, it was just her. And she loved it. She doesn’t try as hard as Buddy does to get out, but when we’re outside, she sits by the door alongside Buddy.
2016-03-01 16.55.15 2016-03-23 17.56.08 HDR


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