What I’m Loving Wednesday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these!

We’ll start with something pretty and shiny. Like these knobs from Anthropologie. 37735867_027_b2I bought these for the vintage china cabinet in the dining room, and I LOVE them. They’re pretty, shiny, substantial, and a ton more adjectives. We’re eventually going to sand down and refinish the cabinet (it has more knicks and “character” than I’m happy with, and I can’t wait to see the finished look. Right now the wood is dull, but once I darken the stain and add a coat of semi-gloss poly, this piece of furniture is going to be absolutely stunning.2016-03-11 04.56.06 2016-03-11 04.57.14

It’s grilling season! And this year, we are making the most of our new backyard space. I’ve been wanting a Big Green Egg FOREVER. They’re crazy expensive though, and G has never really grilled on charcoal. So, we decided to buy a normal charcoal grill, to see how we liked it, and then we could upgrade to a Big Green Egg. After years of cooking on gas grills, it is SO nice cooking on charcoal again. It’s a little more work, but the flavor is so superior.

Anyways. A few weeks ago we were watching Gilmore Girls, and Lorelai mentioned Sookie’s bourbon brined pork chops, and I decided I wanted that. I found a recipe, tweaked it a bit, and I’m in love!2016-04-13 09.47.06

We’ve also done kebabs, chicken, and burgers, and it’s such a nice change. 2016-04-13 09.47.17 2016-04-13 09.46.56The other night we were sitting outside while Graham grilled 3 lbs. of pork loin. It was a nice night, the dog was outside with us, and it was so peaceful. It was exactly what we had envisioned when we bought a house with a liveable backyard.

I’m going to do a separate post about “gardening” in a few days, but I am in love with the raised garden beds that G built for me. We roughly went by this plan from Ana White, and I’m so happy with how they turned out. That ledge on top is just brilliant. When I was planting my plants it was so nice to have that ledge to sit on. Between the wood for the planters, the compost/soil combo from the local recycling center, the plants/herbs themselves, and miscellaneous things, this garden (these two planters, plus wood for a third one, and two planters full of herbs) cost about $200. Hopefully I don’t kill them…2016-04-10 23.42.19-2

My new favorite tea: Tazo Tea gingerly jasmine. This stuff is so good! It’s spicy and delicious, and for any of my Whole30 friends, this tea is compliant! It has no sugar added. Just good stuff. Since I’m not currently doing a Whole30, I’ve been drinking this with a spoonful of natural honey. It has helped immensely with my allergy issues. 66_packing

I received this stuff in my February Pop Sugar Must Have Box. And I love it (and what the company stands for) so much I’m considering becoming a Beauty Counter consultant. This Beauty Counter Cleansing Balm is unlike any cleanser I’ve ever tried. You use the plastic stick they send you to scoop out an almond sized portion, massage it into your dry face, and then use the cleansing cloth (that also came with it) to wipe it off. I’ve been using this at night before bed, and my skin feels AMAZING. It feels so soft, smooth, and healthy that I don’t feel the huge need for moisturizer I usually do. Which is a good thing since my Sephora order hasn’t shipped yet… pdp-nourishingcleansingbalm_selling-shot_528x962

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