Growing A Garden

One of the things that excited me most about buying a house was having the space to plant a garden. I’ve been so excited for Graham to build raised beds, and for me to fill them with plants.

He built the beds a few weeks ago, but due to fickle weather and a slightly spur of the moment trip home, we just got around to filling them this past weekend.

I know NOTHING about gardening. The last time I tried to grow anything was at our house in Arkansas. I planted a cherry tomato plant, a basil plant, and catnip. The catnip and basil thrived. The tomato plant produced a handful of tomatoes.

Given that failure, I probably should have started smaller, with my garden here… I’ve planted a few tomato plants (both heirloom tomatoes and cherry tomatoes), bell peppers, one jalapeno plant, cucumbers, zucchini, okra, lettuce, and spinach.

2016-04-10 23.42.19Bed #1 has the peppers and the tomatoes. I may end up moving some of the tomatoes… In all of my research I couldn’t get a definite answer on how far apart the plants needed to be. Some sites said 12-24″, some said 18-36″. In their rows, the two plants are spaced about 18-20″ apart. Hopefully that’s sufficient… I still need to get cages for them as well, but I’m guessing that isn’t needed until they’re a little bit bigger. 2016-04-10 23.42.34Bed #2 has cucumbers, the lettuce, the spinach, okra and zucchini. We’re going to make a trellis once the cucumbers start growing, so they can grow up the trellis. I read that doing that enables you to grow them closer together, and grows a larger, healthier crop. We’ll see…2016-04-10 23.43.22I planted everything on Sunday, and took these photos on Monday. I wish I had actually measured the plants, so I could see if they’re actually growing, or if it’s just wishful thinking. They do look a little bigger already though…

Along with the beds of vegetables, I also have two planters of herbs. This is the basil planter, and has purple basil, sweet basil, and Thai basil. 2016-04-10 23.36.36 Not going to lie, I bought the Thai basil because the little flowers were so pretty…2016-04-10 23.37.54 The larger planter has spearmint, oregano, cilantro and rosemary. A friend told me that mint helps keep mosquitoes away. Right now, this pot is on the edge of our patio. If the spearmint grows and keeps bugs away, I might buy more and move it to a large pot of its own. 2016-04-10 23.39.46 2016-04-10 23.40.13 2016-04-10 23.40.56
Other than things we’re trying to grow, the stuff that was left for us is blooming and so pretty. Our yard is full of mature azalea bushes. And while part of me wishes they had all bloomed at the exact same time, part of me likes that the bushes are taking turns. We’ve had a ton of color in our yard now for almost 2 months, and I love it! 2016-04-10 23.44.38 And this plant growing in the barrel was a mystery to us. One day it was a tiny thing, and the next day it looked like this. I asked on Facebook what it was, and someone told me a weed… When we went home a couple of weekend ago, I noticed one planted at G’s parent’s house, and asked my mother-in-law about it. It’s supposed to bloom in the summer, and attract butterflies, so I’m pretty excited about that. 2016-04-10 23.45.48 2016-04-10 23.45.54

I also couldn’t help myself when I saw these pink hydrangeas at Whole Foods. I bought them, and the jasmine plant below, and crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t kill them. The hydrangea struggled a bit at first, but moving it to a sunnier spot and watering it more seemed to revive it.
2016-04-10 23.46.582016-04-10 23.39.13

And a picture of a creepy munchkin for you… She loves observing her yard from the kitchen table. Although when I looked up from taking a picture of the hydrangea and saw this, I screamed. If she could look a little less evil, I’d appreciate it…
2016-04-10 23.46.11




3 thoughts on “Growing A Garden

  1. Rachel says:

    I can’t wait till the weather is warm enough to start gardening! With your herb planter, you might want a separate one for the mint! It tends to overtake everything!
    Looks great though, love your raised beds.

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