Oh, weekends…

Unless a weekend is spent lounging on the couch, doing absolutely nothing, weekends go by way too fast! This weekend was a good mix of fun & productivity, and it flew by!

Friday, I was planning on attending a Pure Barre class, but I was late, and they wouldn’t let me in. So, instead I went to Colonial Williamsburg, and took a drive on the Colonial Parkway, to practice with my camera. It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

2016-04-14 22.03.14 2016-04-14 22.04.25 2016-04-14 22.24.28 2016-04-14 22.45.29 2016-04-14 23.02.52 2016-04-14 23.03.56I came home eventually, and spent the rest of the day at home with our house guests. Our good friends Sav & Elise moved to Maine on Saturday. They wanted to go ahead and pack up their bed, so they (and their sweet dog Soxxie) spent the last week with us.2016-04-15 13.29.13-2On Friday, we also had another house guest: Finley. Finley is the absolute coolest dog ever. His owner is another apartment friend of ours. I hadn’t seen him since January, so when Jessica asked if we could dog sit, I jumped at the chance.
2016-04-15 17.22.56-2After taking the dogs to Yorktown, G and I headed to Kero for sushi. Everything was SO delicious. I think this was the first time ever that we LOVED every single thing we ordered. 2016-04-15 19.47.49-2After dinner, we headed back home to hang out with the animals, and watch Lincoln. Since April 15 is the anniversary of both his death, and the Titanic sinking, I watch one of those movies on that date. The past two years it’s been Lincoln though. Such an amazing movie about such an amazing person. 2016-04-15 20.25.55-22016-04-15 20.30.47-22016-04-15 21.54.39Saturday morning we got up super early for one last brunch with Sav & Elise before they headed to Maine. We went to First Watch, and I have the avocado toast with fruit instead of eggs. This was so delicious. 2016-04-16 07.55.17-2Once they left, and once Jessica picked up Finley, we became super productive. G did yard work ALL day, while I finally painted over the horrible triangles in our dining room. More on that later this week, but I’m SO glad they’re gone, and so in love with the paint color I chose. 2016-04-16 18.37.36Our plan was to stay in Saturday night and have a Blue Apron dinner. It was an epic fail. The flavors weren’t very good, and the portion sizes were microscopic. We were both annoyed and starving after we ate, so we ordered a pizza and had a second dinner. 2016-04-16 20.18.32-1While Hermione had an hour long face off with this squirrel, and Graham did more yard work…2016-04-17 09.01.13-2… I continued working on the dining room, and did some more cleaning. Buddy was less than helpful, and I cringed every time he jumped up on the table.
2016-04-17 17.19.02-1But the finished (almost) product has me swooning. I am IN LOVE with this space. I need to finish styling my shelves, and I need to hang the curtains I bought yesterday, but I couldn’t be happier with how this room looks 🙂2016-04-17 17.38.39-2

6 thoughts on “Oh, weekends…

      • compassleigh says:

        We love it! We actually just painted the exterior of the house a deep greyish blue. It was quite a leap here in FL but I think it’s going to pay off 😍

      • Heather says:

        My husband is leaving for a year in September, but when he gets home our house is getting a major exterior update to a darker grey. I’m so ready to say goodbye to pale yellow with blue trim…

      • compassleigh says:

        I hear ya, we had a half and half situation: red brick on the bottom half/white stucco on top (one story). It looked so squatty before! I’m going to write a post about it once we get the shutters on and landscaping. Thanks for following 🙂

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