My Epic Pinterest Fail.

A few months ago I saw this decal on Pinterest, and I was obsessed with it.

c5541722850e1a2e33ca1848b57f1dc3But, that was a whole lot of money to spend on colorful triangles… So, I decided to try to paint my own triangles on my wall.

It was an EPIC FAIL.

Being honest, I knew when the first few shapes were painted.
2016-02-26 20.08.04But since it had taken G and I several hours to tape off this wall, I persevered. I kept painting, and while I liked it a little bit more, I knew it wasn’t me. Bake. Create. Love | Triangle Accent WallOnce I took the tape off, I liked it a little bit more. It still wasn’t my style, but I thought it looked kind of cool. I was ready to sand it down and paint over it then, but G & some friends thought we should get the room put together first before I decided. So, I did. I hung my Boston Terrier painting, bought a bar cart, styled my china cabinet, and hung my floating shelves…Bake. Create. Love | Triangle Accent WallThe shelves going up were the nail in the coffin. The triangles had grown on me a bit, and I didn’t hate them AS much. But once my shelves were up, I knew they had to go. The design was SO busy, and once those shelves were styled with books and knick knacks, it would be a 1,000 times worse. So, I decided to paint over them.
Bake. Create. Love | Triangle Accent WallFast forward to almost two month later.

This past weekend I cleaned the house, while  G did yard work. And I finally decided I couldn’t stand these triangles for one more minute. So, I sanded them down a little, bought some paint, and finally painted over them.

And now? I’m OBSESSED with this color. Seriously. I want to paint every wall in my house with it.
Bake. Create. Love. | Dining RoomI mean, it’s PERFECT. It looks great with the white trim & moulding, and it looks AMAZING with my dark shelves and vintage furniture. Bake. Create. Love. | Dining RoomI keep finding myself just standing at the door way, taking it all in. The only problem? I’m not kidding when I say I want to paint everything in the house this color. We need new bedding, so I’m thinking of doing an accent wall in our bedroom this color. And I’m definitely going to paint the rest of the dining room… Since G has to work the Air Show this weekend, maybe I’ll do it then. 2016-04-17 17.38.39-2So. Here is what I learned:

  1. Not all bold, patterned accent walls turn out as well as the epic blue wall2014-07-23-09-15-42
  2. Even if something was time consuming, don’t be afraid to get rid of it. Especially if it makes you hate going into a room of your house.
  3. Do a little more planning before doing a bold accent wall. I got lucky with that blue quatrefoil wall. It took 25 hours to do, and I would have been crushed if I had hated it. But I loved it. I may have liked this more if I had chosen my colors more carefully, instead of randomly selecting sample pots of paint from Lowes. I also may have liked it more if my triangles were a different size. I still don’t think I would have liked it enough to keep it, but I may not have hated it.

And of course, Buddy agrees. 🙂2016-04-17 17.40.41-1

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