A busy, chaotic weekend.

I’ll start the wrap up of the weekend with Thursday, since this is what I woke up to Thursday morning.
IMG_2870 I was happy about this, since G and I both HATED the yellow siding and blue trim. The first time we saw the house, the realtor asked what we thought when we were leaving, and I told her with the exception of the kitchen and the exterior  color I loved it. (Below is the before picture.)2016-06-05 11.42.31 It still needs a few more things done before we’ll have an official after photo. The trim needs to be white, the decorative trim around the door needs to be painted white, the house needs gutters (the gutter guy is supposedly coming tomorrow), and, most importantly, the door needs to be painted hot pink. 2016-06-05 11.32.22I’m glad the blue trim almost matches the new grey siding, because it doesn’t look terrible from a distance, but I’m hoping to get it painted this week. After about a month of non-stop rain, it’s actually supposed to be sunny for the next week.
2016-06-03 18.55.10As for the front door… let’s just say there are a LOT of different shades of pink out there. I had it narrowed down to two, then had actually picked one, when I started re-thinking my choice. So, who knows what shade of pink my door will end up being… But it will be one of these. 2016-06-04 17.33.05

Other than the siding installation, our weekend was uneventful. We took the dog for walks, to get her away from the chaos at home (the highlight of the weekend was Graham telling her “Not to be a Trump” when she was barking at the Hispanic crew. (She’s not racist… she dislikes everyone equally.)

It was also a weekend of simple, but delicious dinners:

This catfish and udon noodle Blue Apron dish was AMAZING. I saved this recipe card and will definitely make this again and again. I modified it slightly, by adding half of the spice blend to the broth. The broth was heavenly. When I saw G about to pour the remnants of his broth down the drain, I rescued it from him, and finished it myself. 2016-06-03 20.16.48-2 This pistachio butter salmon, from Stuart O’Keefe’s new book was the best salmon either of us have ever had. The flavor in this was INSANE, and the salmon was perfectly cooked.2016-06-05 19.43.56-1And of course we did some grilling this weekend. Graham decided it had been 360 days since he was last able to grill (he’s not dramatic or anything ;)), so we had a simple dinner of steak coated with the Dizzy Pig ‘Shakin’ the tree’ seasoning (my new favorite. I’ve seriously been putting it on EVERYTHING.) and sauteed zucchini.
2016-06-06 19.08.05-2

Monday was a long day. And a shitty day. Between Charlotte having issues that resulted in poop all over the house (and her needing a bath…), and getting pooped on by a bird during Hermione’s walk, it was a long day. So. Vodka. Just a splash in a glass of my strawberry-mint limeade (recipe coming later this week) was exactly enough to take the edge off.
2016-06-06 18.43.10-2 And a little post dinner Halo Top was the perfect end to a long day.
2016-06-05 16.13.44-2-1

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!

2 thoughts on “A busy, chaotic weekend.

  1. Christina Orso says:

    the other day i made a meal with a white wine/lemon/thyme/rosemary sauce. when i was putting the leftovers in the tupperware i tilted the container and sipped a little bc it was so good. my roommate was like wtffffff. ALWAYS drink the sauce. hahah

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