A Pink Door & A Grey House

Pink Door Grey House | Bake. Create. Love.

Sometimes things happen that you don’t plan on, and that you’re not quite ready for (like G’s imminent trip to Honduras….). New siding for our house also falls under that category. Don’t get me wrong, we knew it was going to happen, and it’s definitely something we wanted. We just didn’t plan on it quite so soon. But thanks to one hell of a salesperson, we found ourselves signing a contract in May.

Then, on June 1, I sent an email to our salesperson, complaining about the lack of communication we’ve received through out this process. She tells me that our materials haven’t come in yet, and she’d call as soon as she had an update.

The next afternoon, I came home for lunch and saw a truckload of new siding sitting in our front yard. Graham told me that he had spoken to the installer, and they would be out tomorrow to install it. (FYI, it’s now June 21, and I still haven’t heard from the salesperson.)

So, The next morning I wake up to this. IMG_2870

While the whole process was loud, and made Hermione so anxious, it was actually pretty painless for us. Their crew was efficient, and polite. They made a huge mess in the yard every day, but always had it cleaned up before they left. Our plan was just to paint the shutters, but they told G early on that there was no good way to get them off without damaging them, so they went and bought us new ones. By Saturday night, they were here: 2016-06-05 11.32.22

The siding took about three days to finish (even though the sales person told us one day). Then another day for the new gutters. We had planned to paint the trim ourselves, but when G got on the roof to start, he noticed carpenter bees eating into the wood. So, we called them back out to wrap the damaged trim. (We’re still going to paint the dental molding under the gutters. Someday.) We painted the door frame in one afternoon, and then did the front door the following evening.
2016-06-13 18.16.18-1But now, other than the dental molding needing to be painted, we’re done. We now have a house that we are absolutely IN LOVE with. Pulling into the drive way every day just makes me happy. The gray, white & black is classic, and the hot pink door just makes me happy. I am so in love with what this house has become in just six months. 

Pink Door Grey House | Bake. Create. Love. To me, some of the smallest changes have made the biggest impact. Like squaring off the garage, removing the decorative piece from the top of the door frame, and removing the white railing from the front step. I’m horrible at remembering to take good before photos, but this is the best one I could find of the entry area before. 2016-06-14 09.38.15
And after…
Pink Door Grey House | Bake. Create. Love. 2016-06-16 20.53.11

Front of the house – Before & AfterBake. Create. Love. | Pink Door Grey HouseBack of the house –  Before & After (‘After’ shot added before the gutters were installed.)2016-06-03 18.07.37

Source List: Siding –Mastic Vinyl Siding – Deep Granite, Door Color: Valspar Duramax, Hint of Cherry, House Numbers – Hillman Group 5″ Floating Numbers

While I won’t recommend the company we went with, due to their horrible customer service, but I am pleased with the work of the installers, and love how my house looks! That’s what matters, right?



9 thoughts on “A Pink Door & A Grey House

  1. Christina says:

    I absolutely LOVE the pink door!! Our houses are very similar and I’m wanting to also square off the garage doors. Who did that for you and was it very involved, i.e. expensive? 😄 Thanks so much!

    • Heather says:

      I’m so sorry for the delay; I just now saw this. The people who replaced our siding did it for us. They didn’t charge any extra, since they had to pull everything off and put it back up anyways.

  2. Roxanna Rae Craig says:

    I saw the “Hint of Cherry” on a Valspar ad at Lowes last year and I have been wanting to paint my door this color! I almost changed my mind until I went on Pinterest again and saw your post and now I have made up my mind!!! What sheen did you end up using? Your house is absolutely beautiful!!

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