How is it July already???

Can you guys believe it’s already July 5th? I had a little mini breakdown yesterday, when Graham asked me what was wrong for the zillionth time, and I verbalized that July 4th was the last holiday we’d have together before he goes to Honduras. I cried, and cried, and cried some more, and felt better once it was all out. I wish the weather had been better so we could have gone out and enjoyed the holiday, but despite crappy weather, we had a pretty great & productive weekend.


Our weekend started early, when we met for lunch at Chipotle, and during lunch he got the call that they were done for the day. So, we ran an errand in Hampton, went home so he could change out of his uniform, and then went to Virginia Beach. He wanted to go to this fancy woodworking store. I kindly requested he drop me off at TJ Maxx, and come back for me when he was done.

The weather was gross, and looked like storms were coming any minute. The sky looked so cool. I literally made G turn around so I could go back and take a picture. 2016-07-01 16.06.02-1

After leaving the woodworking store & TJ Maxx, we headed into Norfolk to return some shoes to Nordstrom, and then made a stop by Strawberry Fields for some Gelato. Their case was fixed, and full of flavors this time. Graham sampled a few before going with the blueberry french toast. I went with the white chocolate raspberry trufffle. Both were fantastic. G wanted to walk around the area, while we ate our gelato, but I was hot and wanted to get back in the car. Luckily I  won, because after a few minutes the bottom dropped out and it started raining like crazy!2016-07-01 16.17.34-2

Since it was raining, our plans to grill for dinner needed to be changed. We had planned on grilling, but that wasn’t going to happen. Instead we went with the drunken noodles from Chrissy Teigan’s cookbook. I was excited to find the wide fresh rice noodles from an Asian market in Hampton. And speaking of this cookbook, I am OBSESSED with it. If you only buy one cookbook this year or next, buy this one! 2016-07-01 20.05.38-2

Saturday was the only pretty day of the long weekend. We started the day with breakfast at First Watch. Their pancakes are insane, and the bacon is always so crispy and delicious. Definitely my favorite breakfast on the Peninsula. 2016-07-02 10.55.41-2After breakfast, we took Hermione for a long walk & a swim, and then headed home to work on our breakfast nook project before going out for the night. This was supposed to be a simple, one weekend project: hang wallpaper, paint trim, done. But no. It’s turned into a two weekend project. The wallpaper only took a day, but instead of painting the old trim, we decided just to buy new stuff. So, he’s spent the past week cutting trim, & pre-installing it (he hung all of it up, made sure it fit, and then took it down so we could paint it), and this weekend we finally got to paint it and install it (for real).

Saturday night we headed to Hampton for the 1st Annual Bob Ross paint night. This was fun, but frustrating at the same time. I’m used to being good at things, and apparently I’m not good at this type of painting. We had a good time though. It was a beautiful night, and there was live music & cheese fries. 2016-07-02 18.47.35 2016-07-02 19.11.40-2 2016-07-02 19.56.02 2016-07-02 20.31.59-2After paint night, we wanted real food, so we headed to Fort Monroe for dinner at The Deadrise. I’ve heard a lot about this place, and I was excited to try it. I was especially excited that we managed to score two seats outside. 2016-07-02 21.00.34 2016-07-02 20.56.06-1It was dark, so unfortunately there are no photos of the food (I guess that means another visit is in order…), but the food was delicious. I had the fried seafood platter, Graham had the grouper special, and both dishes were delicious! Mine was ridiculously huge.

Sunday and Monday were spent recovering from Saturday’s indulgences, and finishing up the kitchen nook. I’ll post more later in the week, but for now, here are a few photos of the finished space. I can’t remember the name of the wallpaper, but it’s from Sherwin Williams and I LOVE IT. From a distance, the space just looks painted. When you get closer, you see it’s kind of got a salt & pepper feel to it. It also has a light sheen, which I love. We wanted something neutral, but with some texture . It works well with the grey paint throughout the rest of the house, and I’m so excited to see this space with wood flooring (that’s a post-Honduras project though).
2016-07-03 17.56.07Finished! All that’s left was changing out the light fixture. 
2016-07-04 19.56.00-2I‘m a big fan of this simple, energy efficient light fixture from Home Depot. It uses LED lights, and is super sleek. We also installed a dimmer on it. I always assumed that these tiny, energy efficient LED lights wouldn’t give off much light. I was so, SO wrong. Without the dimmer, it’s insanely bright in here. 2016-07-04 21.41.57Too bad the rest of the kitchen isn’t getting it’s makeover for another year. Since we found out that we get to stay here once Graham returns from Honduras, we’re no longer stressed about the kitchen, and the cost of the remodel has been drastically reduced. Instead of paying $7,000 for cabinets from Ikea, he now plans to build them himself, which should cost a fraction of that. But ugh. Last night, I was standing by the microwave, admiring the nook. Then I stood in the nook and took in the rest of the space. I quickly turned around and went back to admiring the new wallpaper. It’s terrible, but honestly once he leaves, I probably won’t use this space much. Cooking when he’s gone is zero fun, and I always end up wasting SO much. 2016-07-04 21.48.51

4 thoughts on “How is it July already???

  1. compassleigh says:

    Yay the Naro! Have you checked out That’s where we ordered ours from. You save a ton of money because you have to assemble them but once they’re put together they’re much better quality than what you’ll find at Home Depot.

    • Heather says:

      No, I’ve never heard of them. I’ll definitely check them out though. What Home Depot wants for cabinets is insane. The $7,000 worth of cabinets from Ikea was going to be $12,000 at Home Depot.

      • compassleigh says:

        We saved about 50% off of Home Depot prices and found a lot more variety than IKEA’s offerings. Check out the Lily Ann Facebook page, too. Customers will submit photos of their finished kitchens to give you an idea of what the cabinets will look like in real life. Hope it helps!

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