A Perfect Saturday.

Saturday was pretty damned perfect. It got off to an early start. G got up early to mow the lawn, & I would have felt really crappy staying in bed while he was working, so I got up and did some cleaning & organizing inside. Once our grown up responsibilities were finished, we headed out for the day.

Our first stop was at Red Feathered Nest to look at a table they had posted on their Facebook page. The table ended up not being the right fit, but as always, they had lots of other fun things. 2016-07-09 12.00.21-1 These matching Bassett dressers… swoon. 2016-07-09 12.02.28-2 I loved these old soda crates. Fun fact: my mom worked at Pepsi for 30 years. But Pepsi is disgusting, and I only drink Diet Coke. 2016-07-09 12.07.31-1 Once we left Red Feathered Nest, we headed across the water for lunch in Norfolk. I recently made a pretty long list of restaurants I want to try before Graham leaves, and Saturday we were able to check off Field Guide. It’s a casual, trendy spot, with great drinks, rice bowls, and sandwiches.

The drink I ordered, the Yung Boozy (a slushy that tasted like an orange creamsicle), was super delicious and the best thing imaginable on a hot day. 2016-07-09 13.02.37 Graham had a split sausage sandwich with pickled red peppers, arugula, easy egg, horseradish aioli. I can’t stomach runny eggs, so I had a bite before he busted the yolk. Pre-egg yolk, it was delicious. 2016-07-09 13.07.21 I had the Tikka Byrd bowl. Everything about this was wonderful. The chicken had tons of flavor, the purple cabbage provided a really nice crunch.2016-07-09 13.07.44-1 2016-07-09 13.08.07-1 Dinner that night was pretty delicious also. We did a low country boil. And realized as soon as the food was on the serving platter, we should have invited some friends over for dinner… This is always so good, and such an easy dinner. 2016-07-09 18.59.56 After dinner we headed back out, and went to Hampton for their Saturday night block party. Glazed, a local doughnut shop, usually does funnel cakes for the block party. But, since it was about 17,000 degrees, they did ice cream sandwiches instead: doughnut | vanilla gelato | fresh strawberries | mini chocolate chips. This. Was. So. Good. 2016-07-09 20.05.59Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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