Oh Boston… I love you.

I’m more than a little depressed right now. We still don’t have an exact date for G’s departure, but based on his report by date, I know we’re within two weeks. Last night he started packing.

I just cried. I’ve been crying pretty munch nonstop for about a week now, and I don’t see that ending anytime soon. So, I figured I would lose myself in some happier memories for a while. Our time in Boston was really happy. It’s such an amazing city with an amazing history, and I just wanted to stay there forever.

We spent the day walking the city on the Freedom Trail path. The map is a little hard to see (but you can check out the Freedom Trail Website if you’re actually interested. Now, the actual red line is supposedly 2.5 miles, so roundtrip around 5. But that doesn’t count all of the distance you’ll cover actually exploring the spots on the trail, and of course the fun stuff that is off the trail. I no longer have a Fit Bit, but I had my phone one me all day, and according to the Apple Health app, we walked about 13 miles in Boston. And I was FEELING it. We actually got back to our hotel after dinner and immediately jumped in the hot tub. Freedom Trail
My favorite children’s book is Make Way for Ducklings, so we started in the Boston Public Garden. 2016-08-01 21.17.18 Whenever one of my animals yawns, I like to stick my finger in their mouth (yes, I’m a weirdo). So, naturally I stuck my finger in the duck’s mouth. 2016-08-01 21.17.48-2 2016-08-01 21.18.05-2We made our way to the first creepy cemetery of the trip: the Granary Burying Ground. This spot is the final resting place for a number of prominent citizens, including Benjamin Franklin’s parents, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams & the men who died in the Boston Massacre.
2016-08-01 22.03.17While I love the history of these buildings, I also love the architecture of them. The Old City Hall is one of my favorite buildings.
2016-08-01 22.17.302016-08-01 22.16.18Continuing our walk, we stopped in the Old South Meeting House, and were greeted by this guy. I was mildly annoyed, because it took away from the beauty of the space, but it was kind of cool. 2016-08-01 23.00.32The Old State House is one of my favorites, and one of the best stops on the trail. (It’s also free for military!) There are tons of artifacts and displays inside, and the rooms upstairs are so beautiful. I would seriously give anything to step out onto the balcony – the site where the Declaration of Independence was read to the people of Boston for the first time. 2016-08-01 23.26.56Just steps away from the Old State House… 2016-08-01 23.43.47And this guy. If I carried cash with me, I would have given him every dollar in my wallet.2016-08-01 23.44.31This view is actually one of my favorites in Boston. I think it perfectly describes this amazing city. It’s the perfect mix of history & modernity, and I can’t think of any place better. 2016-08-01 23.46.19Later in the day when we were heading back to the car, the sun had finally come out and view (from the other side of the building) was even more beautiful. 2016-08-02 03.42.37-2Continuing on, you have the Paul Revere statue right before you get to the Old North Church, which is my favorite church on the tour. 2016-08-02 00.36.51This church is amazing. The light in here is just gorgeous. I’m especially obsessed with the windows and the light fixtures. 2016-08-02 00.46.512016-08-02 00.48.08More old cemeteries.The only way I’d ever want to be buried (I’d rather be cremated), is if I could end up in a cemetery that’s AT LEAST 300 years old…2016-08-02 01.00.44Last time we were here, we didn’t get to go on the USS Constitution because of the government shutdown. This was the one thing Graham wanted to do, so we finally made it. The ship wasn’t as impressive as it should have been, since it was being repaired, but it’s still insanely cool to stand on a warship that is almost as old as the country. 2016-08-02 14.47.35-2Now, onto the food in Boston… We stopped at B.Good for a quick lunch. G LOVED his burger (the El Guapo) and the spicy avocado & lime bowl was delicious, but ridiculous. I had it topped with chicken, and I ate maybe 1/3 of it. This was SO much food. 2016-08-02 11.19.292016-08-02 11.19.46Once we saw the USS Constitution and finished the trail, we turned around and headed back. On the way back, we stopped at Mike’s Cannoli. We stopped here on our last trip to Boston, and were both excited to stop in again. These were just as good as we remembered. 2016-08-02 15.42.03We had exciting plans for dinner, but we were both exhausted and hungry. We wanted Italian food, but most of the Italian places were REALLY far from where we parked, and since we didn’t want to pay for parking twice, we ended up at a local chain, Papa Razzi. The food wasn’t mind blowing, but it was delicious. We started with the antipasto board, and I had the gnocci (and again added chicken). I loved the gnocchi. The sauce was rich, and the chicken was delicious.
2016-08-02 18.29.292016-08-02 18.46.49

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