The Most Beautiful Half Bathroom Ever.

When we moved into this house, the half bathroom was completely fine. It was way too brown, but not bad at all. Our biggest issue was the size of the vanity. It was WAY too large for the space.half-bathSo, we bought a pretty pedastel sink and planned an “easy” bathroom makeover. But, of course home improvement never goes according to plan. When we sold the vanity in February, we learned that the floor underneath was unfinished. Deja vu, right?2016-02-20-11-34-10-1 Graham had a utility sink that we stuck in the bathroom until we were ready to renovate. Such a pretty bathroom to live with for 6 months, right? 2016-03-11-05-01-19 Anyways, before Graham left for Honduras we finally finished the bathroom. And it’s more beautiful than I ever thought a teeny tiny half bathroom could be. Everything was replaced, even things that were technically fine and in good shape (like the light fixture). We spent more money than we planned (of course), but we both think it was all worth it.
2016-09-02-17-05-16Buddy’s a big fan of the new space…2016-09-10-14-58-08(If anyone knows why there is a painting of George Washington in my bathroom, I’ll send you some cookies 🙂 2016-09-10-14-59-32 2016-09-02-17-33-34 It’s actually not what I had originally planned, but I love it so much more than I loved my initial ideas. This is the same paint color that we have in the dining room, and I’m still obsessed with it. Since the color is so dark, and it’s such a small space, Graham really wanted to do wainscoting in the room. I was against it at first, since I love this color SO much, but I’m glad I let him do it. It looks AMAZING. 2016-09-02-17-33-38One of the things I love most about this room though is the GORGEOUS tile we picked for the floor. Once it was down, we decided to use the same tile when we eventually do the laundry room & kitchen… Making the trip to Canada pointless but still so much fun.
2016-08-30-12-18-42 2016-09-02-17-33-42 2016-09-02-17-33-48 Didn’t G do an amazing job on the wainscoting? 2016-09-02-17-33-54So there you have it. The last home improvement you’ll see for a while. But seriously, seeing how amazing the bathroom turned out has me SO excited for the other house projects we have planned. Like the kitchen. ESPECIALLY the kitchen.

Sources: Sink, Mirror, Light Fixture, Floor Tile

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