I left my heart in Salem.

As much as I LOVE Boston, I also love the smaller towns and cities around Boston. So, on day 3 of our trip, we spent the day exploring some of these small areas.

First, was Lexington. The first time I visited Massachusetts, I fell in love with Lexington. It’s so charming. And so historically relevant. George Washington wrote in his diary: “It was here, on the morning of April 19, 1775, that “the first blood was spilt in the dispute with Great Britain.”

This monument? The oldest war memorial in the country (completed in 1799). In the 1800’s, 7 of the 8 minutemen who were killed in that first battle were moved from the local cemetery and re-interred here.
2016-08-02 21.57.14 2016-08-02 22.06.42After the Lexington Battle Green, we headed to the Minute Man National Park. Being here made me a little sad. This would be such a great place to walk Hermione. We walked for a few miles, before heading back. There is lots to see on this walk, including the site where Paul Revere was captured…
2016-08-02 23.50.10One of the oldest homes in the area (dating back to around 1692), and once owned by William Smith, the brother of Abigal Adams (I’m an Adams fangirl, so this was exciting to stumble upon).
2016-08-03 00.03.36 This structure was infuriating and fascinating at the same time. It’s fascinating, because of that huge fireplace. It’s infuriating because the building burnt down in the 1960’s. 2016-08-03 00.13.28 2016-08-03 00.15.23 2016-08-03 00.22.32 After leaving the park, we headed to Walden Pond. Not because I’m a big fan of Thoreau, but because of Frasier. Yes, I’m a dork. Thoreau lived in the woods, on a piece of land owned by Ralph Waldo Emerson. In 1922, the Emerson family gifted the land to Massachusetts, with the stipulation of “preserving the Walden of Emerson and Thoreau, its shores and nearby woodlands for the public who wish to enjoy the pond, the woods, and nature, including bathing, boating, fishing and picnicking.”2016-08-03 02.53.15-2 2016-08-03 02.55.44 2016-08-03 02.56.11 2016-08-03 02.57.18 After leaving Walden Pond, we finally headed to Salem – my favorite. Before this trip, I had visited Salem twice, both times in October. And while Salem in August isn’t nearly as fun as Salem in October, it’s such a charming area, and just oozes history (both good and bad). 2016-08-03 05.07.42 More Creepy cemeteries…2016-08-03 05.31.43 2016-08-03 05.32.44 Then on to the Salem Witch Trials Memorial. There are no actual grave sites for the 20 people who were murdered during the witch trials. Legend has it that three of the bodies were exhumed from the burial site by their families and buried elsewhere. There are a few memorials, but this one is my favorite. The others just lump all off the victims together.2016-08-03 05.39.37 2016-08-03 05.40.40 After that, we just walked around and enjoyed the beautiful day. 2016-08-03 05.44.112016-08-03 18.50.052016-08-03 06.07.30 2016-08-03 06.31.422016-08-03 06.28.07While Salem is famous for their negative past, I love Salem for the whole history of the area. So many of the houses have these plaques on them, and I love that. Being from Charlotte, an area that has no problem tearing down historically significant structures, it makes my heart happy so see so much history preserved.
2016-08-03 06.37.16 2016-08-03 06.41.05 2016-08-03 06.51.03 2016-08-03 06.53.09-2 More creepy cemeteries at the end of the day. 2016-08-03 07.01.00 2016-08-03 07.02.40 This guy is such a good sport. We walked about 12-14 miles a day around these cities, and he never once complained. 2016-08-03 07.04.11 2016-08-03 07.11.46 2016-08-03 07.12.25 Fun fact: Salem calls itself Witch City, but the the Witch House is the only structure there that has any connection to the Witch Trials (if you’re into this, be sure to check out Danvers. It was once part of Salem Village, and has more connections to the site, including the Rebecca Nurse homestead).2016-08-03 07.26.09 2016-08-03 07.26.142016-08-03 07.28.082016-08-03 07.23.54

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