Moving on to Maine

In April, two of our favorite Virginians packed up their lives and moved to Maine. Their part of Maine is only a few hours from Boston, so on that Friday, we checked out of our hotel and headed up to Maine.

We did make a few stops before we left Massachusetts. Our first stop was at the Rebecca Nurse homestead, but it was cash only to take the tour, so we passed on that (note to self: start carrying SOME cash on vacation).  But, we did stop by the Witch Trials memorial in Danvers. 2016-08-04-22-46-08 2016-08-04-22-45-55After that, we headed to the Crane Estate on Castle Hill. Y’all. This place was AMAZING. We stumbled upon it earlier in our trip, but it was closed, so we made a note to come back.

This was the photo from their website: estate-bSeriously. This place was AMAZING. The mansion was built in 1928, and is absolutely breathtaking. Seriously, give me this over the Biltmore Estate ANY day.
2016-08-05-12-24-01One of the things that was the most interesting about the house was the detailed woodwork. Apparently the house was built when the aristocracy in England were losing money and selling their estates. So, the Crane Family purchased a lot of the ornate carvings from England. 2016-08-05-12-20-592016-08-05-12-17-522016-08-04-23-32-14The house is gorgeous, but the real stay of the show is the “backyard”. Lots of rolling hills that eventually lead to this view. 2016-08-05-12-42-402016-08-05-12-47-25After making our way back up to the house, we stopped at the gardens before heading to the car. The gardens were really pretty. Graham was getting attacked by bugs, so he went on to get the car, while I hung out and played with my camera. 2016-08-05-12-59-592016-08-05-13-00-512016-08-05-00-22-292016-08-05-00-23-162016-08-05-00-21-48After leaving the estate, we headed to Maine. It took us FOREVER to get there, but we had enough time to stop in Kennebunkport for ice cream before heading to see Sav & Elise. We had stopped for ice cream here on our last trip to Maine, and had been looking forward to this for the whole trip. 2016-08-05-16-36-05-1On to middle of nowhere Maine! Our plan was to meet for dinner at the brewery that Sav works at, and then all four of us would head back to their place. The brewery (Norway Brewing Company) is fairly new and super cute. The design of the place was so perfect and well thought out. The dining area was bright and cheerful, the garden on the patio was a nice touch, and (most importantly), they had REAL hand soap in the bathroom, not the foam crap that most places have. I don’t drink beer, so I’m useless when it comes to telling you if the beer was good or bad. Graham ordered a flight and then another regular sized beer. The food however… the food was amazing!
2016-08-05-19-52-18-12016-08-05-19-05-41-1After an amazing dinner, we went back to their place and planned our day trip to Portland. SO much good food, SO much alcohol. Stay tuned =)

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