Eating Our Way Through Portland

I know this is surprising, considering how much we love food, and the quality of  the restaurants in Boston, but we didn’t really eat that well while we were there. After days of sightseeing, we usually grabbed something that was convenient, instead of researching and reserving tables at the best restaurants. So, the best food of the trip was, hands down, from our time in Maine with Sav & Elise. Our first night in Maine was dinner at the brewery Sav works at, but our next day we ate and drank our way through Portland. And it was a pretty amazing day.

We started with breakfast in a local spot, The Hub, where I had an excellent order of French toast.2016-08-06-10-48-09 After breakfast, they drove us around their new home before we headed to Portland. The lake they took us to was especially beautiful. The water was crystal clear, and it was absolutely gorgeous. 2016-08-06-11-18-02-2Our plan for the day was to eat and drink our way through Portland. And we started almost immediately. Our first stop of the day was Mash Tun, a fun, “beer centric” hang out. We ordered beer, cocktails, Brussels sprouts, and cheese fries and since we had seats at the bar, we grilled the bartender for info about the secret bar we were on the hunt for.
2016-08-06-14-09-59Our second stop was donuts at the holy donut, which was disappointing. They were out of everything except for chocolate sea salt. The four of us shared one, and it was just okay. While the flavor was good, the donuts are made from potatoes, which gives them a different texture than what I’m used to. Give me a strawberry glazed doughnut from Duck Donuts, or an Apple Fritter from Glazed any day! 2016-08-06-14-53-42-1Stop #3 was by far the best stop: The Honey Paw. We ordered 5- 6 dishes to share, and everything was amazing. We started with the fry bread and uni butter…
2016-08-06-15-44-15Somen noodles, ginger, pork… this was fantastic! 2016-08-06-15-50-02-1And my favorite dish of the day: fried shisito peppers with ponzu aioli. These were absolutely phenomenal.
2016-08-06-15-48-49-1Both couples ended the meal with a serving of caramelized honey soft serve with honeycomb and magic shell. This was good, but not mind blowing.
2016-08-06-16-17-57-2Our 4th stop was Lincolns, which was the coolest stop of the day. A speakeasy with a menu where everything was $5. The search for this place was so much fun! It’s cash only, so come prepared (although there is an ATM right outside…). Inside, it’s dark and cozy, with Lincoln posters all over the walls. But the best part: everything is $5 They don’t have exciting cocktails or anything, but  the have a good variety of liquor + mixers, beer, and wine – all for $5. Definitely worth searching for if you’re in Portland. Ask around – people will give you clues, but no one will actually tell you where it is. All four of us even bought $5 Lincolns t-shirts. 2016-08-06-17-36-402016-08-06-17-41-20Our final stop of the day was for poutine at Duckfat. (There was a spot in between Lincolns and Duckfat, but we’re not going to talk about that one…) This was so delicious and it makes me so angry that poutine (or just regular gravy fries) aren’t a thing in the south! These were fairly simple, with just gravy, cheese curds and chives, 2016-08-06-07-35-37It was such a delicious day, and a great way to spend a day with friends. I’m sure I gained at least 5 pounds, but it was well worth it. This was such a fun way to explore a new city. Or even a city we know well – like Charlotte. I definitely want to plan a day like this with friends on one of our next visits home.

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