No Place Like Home

And we’ve come to the last segment of my vacation recap. The trip to New England was mostly for me. The trip to Charlotte was for Graham, since obviously he wanted to spend time with family & friends before heading to Honduras. 2016-08-09-19-38-57Our first night home, we headed to Pinky’s Westside Grill for a casual dinner. This banana pudding was ridiculous. So good, but that portion size… seriously? My brother-in-law had one bite, Graham and I ate a ton, and then took the rest of it home.
2016-08-09-20-34-44-2The day before we headed to Charlotte, we spent the day at Six Flags New England, which was a let down. So, we decided to make up for it by spending a day at Carowinds. We had SUCH a good time. It was an overcast day, and they were calling for rain, so the place was dead. We didn’t wait in any lines for longer than 5 minutes. We even rode the Fury twice, back to back (with zero waiting).

Unfortunately, on one of the oldest, jerkiest roller coasters, my phone broke. It was in Graham’s pocket, and when he handed it to me after the ride, it looked like that. I was SO upset. WTF is the point of a $70 phone case if it doesn’t actually protect the phone?2016-08-10-11-26-54After Carowinds, we went to Ikea for a bit, and then had dinner with Heather and Stephen at Miguel’s (one of my Charlotte favorites). 2016-08-10-18-14-23We kept dinners pretty simple while we were home. We tried a few places that have been on my list for a while, including Futo Buta. We started with the smoked pork belly buns… 
2016-08-11-18-22-28-2 and then we ate ramen. I felt a little insane eating a hot bowl of soup on an insanely hot summer day, but whatever. It was delicious. 2016-08-11-18-29-22 After dinner we went to Elizabeth Creamery for ice cream before going home to watch the Panthers game & the Olympics. I had ginger ice cream, and it was epic. And the waffle cone was perfection. 2016-08-11-19-08-52-2 One day we headed to South Park for breakfast. I finally realized I could get a half order of pancakes, which made me happy. Their pancakes are so freaking good. 2016-08-12-10-04-37-1 After breakfast, we packed a lunch, packed some supplies, and took Graham’s parent’s boat out for the day. It was such a perfect day! We went out to Mountain Island Lake, and spent the day swimming, bobbing around in the water, and just enjoying our time together. This trip to Charlotte was different from all of our others. Our time wasn’t crammed with social obligations, we had a ton of time together, just doing nothing. And it was really, really nice. 2016-08-12-12-48-13-2We had a date night at Customshop. Customshop had been on my list for a while, and it did not disappoint. We started with the BBQ octopus. I had the tuna. And while their desserts at the table next to us looked appealing, we skipped dessert there and headed to Amelie’s instead.
2016-08-12-21-32-30 Tarts, turnovers, and macarons… We may have gone a little overboard, but it was all worth it!2016-08-12-23-19-15-1We ended our time home with a dinner out with my mom and Graham’s parents (no photos from that dinner for some reason), and donuts and coffee the last morning there with Brittany. It was a perfect trip home, and the end to a really amazing two weeks.

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