Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Guys. Christmas is in 18 days. I can’t even believe that it’s so close. I haven’t blogged much lately, but I’m really, really excited for Christmas since Graham is coming home for it! Seven years together, five years married, and we’ve never missed a Christmas or a New Years together, so I’m really excited that that this year in Honduras isn’t keeping us apart for this one.

So, While I count down the days to seeing Graham, and Christmas with our families, I thought I’d share with you guys some of my favorite gift items this year. I’m going to start simple, and share some of my favorite stocking stuffers first.

40877565_095_bWhen I was growing up, the stuff in our stockings was nothing special. Usually it was full with apples & oranges from a bag of assorted fruit, and a few small items. As we grew up, the items got a little more expensive, but when I was younger, it was small toys and games. I remember packs of ‘Go Fish’ cards and Uno. When I saw  these pretty playing cards from Anthropologie, I thought they’d be perfect in a more grown up stocking.

40027989_055_b10If your family is driving you crazy on Christmas, one of these gorgeous bottle openers (also from Anthropologie) will help get the booze in your system, and get you back into the Christmas spirit. I can already picture one of these on my bar cart, right next to the agate coasters from West Elm that I hope Santa is bringing me. 51h3iisvgl-_sl1237_Keeping with a boozy theme for a minute, these wine stoppers are one of my absolute favorite things. They are tiny, and when the top piece is lowered, they have a very low profile, which makes the bottle fit easily into the fridge. I’ve bought all of mine individually at over priced gift shops, so this is a great price for three.



If Santa leaves any of the Dizzy Pig rubs in my stocking (that sentence just sounds dirty…), I would be a very happy camper. If you only buy one jar, Tsunami Spin & Shakin’ the Tree are my absolute favorites. OR you can introduce someone to sample bags of all 13 rubs for $20. These are made in Virginia, all natural, handmade, gluten free, soy free, and SO good. Graham & I use these on EVERYTHING. They’re obviously great on meat, but they’re also really good on roasted veggies.


I’ve been using this makeup setting spray from Urban Decay for over a year, and it now has a permanent place in my makeup bag and the 1 oz. size is a perfect stocking stuffer. The days I don’t use it, my makeup is gone before I leave work at 4:00. The days I use it: my makeup still looks great right up until I wash it off for bed. Side note: small sizes of any beauty product that you LOVE makes a great stocking stuffer or small gift. This is a fun way for friends and family to try out products that you love, that they may not buy for themselves.

bold_overlap-personalized_notepads-hello_little_one-fuchsia-pinkI LOVE personalized stationary so much. And I would LOVE to find personalized note pads in my stocking. Especially if they’re bold and colorful like this one. These aren’t cheap ($14.99 for a 48 sheet pad), but right now tinyprints is offering 40% off + free shipping. So definitely stock up on a few of these pretties.


Don’t laugh, but I totally want a Beauty Light for my phone. It’s only $10, and not only makes taking selfies in dark areas easier, but it also helps to take better photos in dark restaurants (and it has a dimmer, so you’re not too obnoxious to other restaurant goers.

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