Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts women will love

Y’all. We are so close to Christmas! 10 days for me (my family celebrates on the 24th) and 11 days for what seems like the rest of the world. So, I’m back and sharing some of my favorite gift items for the ladies in your life.

If the lady in your life is…

Obsessed with Homegoods & HGTV:

8bbae321e47b58b5c23ea0a1ec7f1fe2So those agate coasters I mentioned in the stocking stuffers post… how pretty are these? If Santa brings me any of these, I hope they’re in this color combo. These will look SO PRETTY on my bar cart!

40033946_028_bI’m not sure that I’d ever be able to spend $48 on measuring cups, so obviously I’d LOVE IT if Santa left these under the tree. They’re so pretty I can’t even stand it. When we do our kitchen renovation, it’s going to be super sleek and all white and grey. I’d love to have these beauties hanging out in my baking area.

A Sephora addict:_11983892I’m a huge fan of Kiehl’s products, and I’m super excited about this masque set. I’ve become obsessed with skincare over the past few years, and this year I’ve started using masques. I received a set of three in a Popsugar box earlier in the year, and since I’ve been different types. I received these yesterday, and I’m super excited to try each one.

lalicious-showeroil-brownsugarvanilla_croppedThis Lalicious Brown Sugar Shower Oil/Body Wash came in my Popsugar box a couple of months ago, and I’m in love with it. It smells so good, and it lathers so well. I was hesitant about trying it (anything with the word oil makes me uncomfortable – oily skin skeeves me out), but I realized mid shower I was out of body wash and didn’t have a choice. Now, I consider this in the top 10 of items that have been in my Popsugar boxes, and I’ll definitely order more when I run out.

A Foodie:Chrissy Teigan CravingsThe Chrissy Teigan cookbook is, hands down, one of my favorite cookbooks ever. I received it in a Popsugar box over the summer, and I’m obsessed with it. The book itself is hilarious, and the recipes are fantastic. Everything I’ve made from the book so far has been so delicious, the pictures are gorgeous, and it’s seriously hilarious.

box-kitch-organic-fbThere are SO many food subscription services out there, and I’ve tried a lot of them. I’ve talked about Blue Apron before, but honestly, I haven’t been pleased with my last few boxes. So, a few weeks ago I tried out Sun Basket. And I LOVED IT. More produce than Blue Apron, so many more options, bigger portions, better packaging, organic, and the recipes were delicious.  And by more options, I mean SO MANY MORE OPTIONS. They have paleo options, Gluten free options, vegetarian options, dairy free, soy free, AND they have breakfast options. Sign up for a week with my referral link, and get three meals for free!

Enjoys her cocktails:

50979137I LOVE this pink & rose gold cocktail shaker. I bought one for myself a few months ago. It’s so pretty and looks great on my bar cart. And when I’m feeling super lazy, I just take the top off, add more ice and a straw and drink right out of the glass.aa22529e55c073cfcaf665a9cfc4269a2a802c98If your friend loves her cocktails, you absolutely can no go wrong with a bottle of her favorite liquor. Especially if it’s a pricier one. I bought a bottle of Hendricks on our cruise last year, and I just finished it. I went to buy another one and was shocked at how expensive it is at the ABC store. So, if someone gifted me with a bottle of this, or a really good tequila, I would be a very happy camper.

Loves jewelry:
08cbaf0b2b8f66b5dc6ca5cb4c590296I love these Stella & Dot earrings. They’re super simple, but not boring and you could seriously wear them with everything.

island2_1024x1024I LOVE Erin McDermott Jewelry, and I recently bought a few pairs of earrings from her. Some for others, and of course one for me. I bought the mint ones (bottom center) and I’m seriously obsessed.

Loves to read:e1ebxqm1rms-_sl250_fmpng_Graham and I started listening to this series while we were driving to Boston in August. We listened to the first two books in the series (The Girl in the Ice (1) & The Night Stalker (2)) and I just listened to the 3rd one (Dark Water) last week. This is such a good series! The mysteries keep you guessing the whole time. I’m usually really good at figuring out the ending, but with each book I’m always surprised at the end.

51bzykg-d1lI absolutely love most of Karen White’s more recent books. Flight Patterns came out this year, and I could not stop listening to it. She creates interesting characters, and I love the way she weaves back and forth between the past and present. This method of writing is super popular these days, but she does it better than most authors. Also – if you’re a fan of audio books, I highly recommend the audio version of these. It’s the same narrator for most of her more recent books (I will say I am absolutely NOT a fan of her older stuff), and the narrators are really excellent.

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