Women’s March on Washington

For the most part, I try to keep this space free from politics. But this past Saturday, I did something that was truly life changing: I participated in the Women’s March on Washington. 15941232_10103023783111567_1534174106344055534_nFor over a week, I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to go. I wanted to go, but I was terrified. I was afraid that the march would turn violent. I was afraid that I would get mugged/raped/murdered walking alone. After a scary incident in Chicago, I’m afraid of public transportation, which meant I’d have to drive into the city and park, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find a parking place.

So, after a lot of back and forth, I decided I wasn’t going. Then on Friday, my brother texted me a photo of Trump, with the words 45th President on it. My brother likes to get a rise out of me, and not acknowledging him is the best way to handle it. So, I ignored him. Then I realized that I can’t just ignore him and Trump for the next four years. So, I made the decision to go to DC the next morning.
16143026_10103022366939587_2057494786782686370_nI woke up at 4:30, and actually left the house by 5:10 (my goal was 5:00, so I’ll take that as a win). The drive to DC was an easy one. I had decided to park at Arlington National Cemetery, since Memorial Bridge was closed to cars and I could walk into the city. When I was leaving the parking deck, I got sucked into a group of Democrats from Arlington. Since I knew all of the Virginians were meeting in a common area, I went along with them. Walking into the city, and all the way to the Smithsonian Castle was amazing. I actually teared up a few times. We were applauded by SO. MANY. PEOPLE. Cops, Park Rangers, random people out for a jog…16195869_10103022442727707_6615516027913514327_nOnce there, I started wandering around. I took a selfie, and I’m glad I did then, because the rest of the day I was unable to even move. This moment was truly the calm before the storm. 2017-01-21-09-26-46-1-116265421_10103023783186417_6744950304992717573_n16196039_10103023783301187_4566324280077593595_n16114948_10103023783251287_7493294694912596230_n16105871_10103023783341107_3723015605771379702_n16002824_10103024066119417_5332664252065195559_nThe rest of the day was a blur of people, and signs, and speakers. There were so many people there, it was truly unbelievable. At one point on Sunday, I saw a comment that referred to the people there as “fat hogs who want to kill babies”. The comment was rude and offensive, and completely untrue. From reports I’ve read, about 1/4 of the crowd was composed of men. There were children there. There were veterans there. There were elderly people there, worried about social security. There were people who are worried about the environment and public education. This wasn’t a bunch of man bashing, bra burning lesbians. It was people ( a whole lot of people) who are afraid. People keep telling all of us that are afraid to give Trump a chance. He’s been president for 6 days, and so far he has done nothing but make us realize how justified we are to be afraid. As I type this, he is signing executive orders to get the ball rolling on his precious wall, and to keep refugees out of this country on top of the environmental atrocities he committed yesterday.

I will fight him with everything I can. I’m only one person, but that’s okay. I saw about 500,000+ people like me come together on Saturday in DC, and millions others come together across the planet. When things get dark, and I feel like running away to Canada, I have to remember that. I have to remember that the majority voted against him.

And, I will leave you with this. There have been many, many things written about the marches. But this one is my favorite: You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.

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