Bio: Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, thanks to the Air Force, I'm currently living in Newport News, VA with my husband, two cats and a dog. I once was the girl who swore she'd never get married, and would never cook or clean. I'm now the woman who loves to cook so much that even jam & bread are homemade. This blog is my little corner of the internet to babble about the parts of domesticity I love the most: food, decorating my home, and the person (and animals) I share my home with.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. June Grace says:

    Be my blogger guest 
    I stumbled upon a local – not very well know Initiative..
    a tremendous couple tackling an almost invisible but real issue – The Gray Haven Project is the only Organization that offers holistic & continuous support to victims of local Human Trafficking – This would be a free community social to get educated about their work & Initiative and this invisible problem in our very neighborhoods

    Would you please help me make this Free Social with a Relevant Cause successful …I need to have it publicized & any help/ideas would be appreciated.
    Please also consider being our Special Guest ~ It will be productive and refreshing
    and RSVP link is below

    A Community Celebration – The Gray Haven Project
    Sunday, June 1, 2014 from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM (EDT)

    C’Est Le Vin
    15 N 17th St
    Richmond, VA 23219

    Hosted By:
    June Grace
    June Grace is beginning a series of Local Social Events focused on Spotlighting Local Initiatives & Notable Personalities – Creating an enjoyable Social Experience with Community Purpose

    Register for this event FREE now at:

    Event Details:
    Please join us as we acknowledge A Local Initiative ~

    The Gray Haven Project ~ Founded by an amazing young couple who are tackling such a Real and Relevant Issue even in our neighbourhoods. There will be Food, Signature wines available, Prizes, Music and an Inspiring Ambience.

    Please be my guest ~ Please.

  2. gateaux bakery says:

    Hello I am not sure this is going to actually reach you or fall into a black hole but here goes. My name is JoAnne. I just opened a new French Patisserie here in Virginia Beach, VA. Our location is in a quaint shop hidden from road traffic. As wonderful and unique as our store is, we can’t be seen unless you are specifically looking for us. I am writing to you today in hopes that I might convince you to schedule a meeting with me so that I can show you around our store and give you a bunch of free samples from our extensive french pastry menu and perhaps, after I’ve wooed you with sweet treats you might decide to write about us in your blog???

    If you like treats and the word FREE please give me a call (757) 752-0177.

    Thanks, JoAnne
    Gateaux Bakery
    1642 Pleasure House Road
    Suite 105
    Virginia Beach, VA 23455

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